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A perspective for the future

In 2017 PO “Filocalia” celebrated 11 years of activity. This year – 2018 – we decided to make a general assessment of the organization’s activities, but also lessons learned to identify future prospects.


International volunteering – a unique experience!

To be in Filocalia has been a great experience in my life. I came to Moldova very nervous because It was my first time outside of Spain and I didn’t t know what to expect but It really surprised me how easy has been my stay here, with no problems and good moments. Being part of this wonderful organization has allowed me to see Moldova in a way that I would never expect. I´ve learnt a lot about his people, his culture.


The experiences of PO “Filocalia” team with international volunteers continue

PO “Filocalia “’s team experience with international volunteers continues.

Between September 3 and September 26, we had a guest – the international volunteer Ryosuke Tanaka from Tokyo, Japan. In this period the volunteers of “Filocalia” involved him in various exciting activities for children from social Center ,,St. Filaret the Merciful “and Resource Center in Costesti village, Ialoveni region; Center “St. Dumitru” from Chisinau, Center “Epitrop” from Calarasi.


The special experience of the volunteer Joanna Czerniak from Poland

A lot of people from all over the world are dedicating their time, knowledge, energy and talent to noble causes, taking initiatives in favor of the community. The international volunteers can choose a field they like and help vulnerable people, contributing in this way to the social development, level of education from some countries and also to cultural exchange of experience between countries. We are glad that many of these people choose Moldova as destination and are very active here.


Missing being a volunteer

Despite the fact that Friday  the 13th is considered to be unlucky, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from a young volunteer AO Filocalia, an organization that I was fortunate to join in 2011, but due to lack of time have not visited in a long time.  I was invited to participate in a campaign providing material aid to the poorest families of Sangera village area.


Our volunteers continue to impress us with their achievements, endless dedication and hardwork

AO Filocalia is very proud of its volunteers, who are its main force in everything. They dedicate time, energy and offer their abilities to bring smiles to childrens’ faces, being rewarded with just the joy in the eyes of people in need.


Getting involved as a volunteer to help bring change


We think that the most effective and nice way to develop the personalities of young poeple is to nurture their motivation to get involved in volunteering activities. Having this in mind, on December 21, 19 young people coming from the Left Bank of Nistru River (Speia village, Grigoriopol district) and 14 coming from the Right Bank, attended the training „Get involved as a volunteer to help bring change”, where they learned about the general aspects of this activity, and especially about the participation of volunteers in a social service.


Happiness of the children from Cosnita village, Dubasari region

I learn something new every day. Today, December 20, 2013 , during the campaign “Be a Santa for someone” organized by NGO “Filocalia” I’ve learned a great lesson. I have found that giving a smile can make someone happy.

Early in the morning with my new friends – volunteers of the organization, we started our road to Cosnita, Dubasari region. Dozens of children were waiting for us at the “Ion Creangă” local lyceum.


First successes of BE A SANTA FOR SOMEONE campaign

There are many people with a big heart. This is the conclusion PO “Filocalia” made after three weeks of Christmas campaign. Many people joined us, each with the help they could provide. So today, December 12, we come with big thanks to all the volunteers who actively participated in organizing events of the campaign, visits to beneficiaries and preparing for the charitable Fair to be held from 21 to 29 December at the exhibition center Moldexpo. We also thank those who contributed by financial aid or donations of any type for the campaign:


International volunteer’s day

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