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Educational projects

Educational department


PROJECT: ,,Education for a better future. Vocational training «Culinary Art» for children and young people from Costesti village”

The project is planned for the period: 01.10. 2017 – 31.07.2017

The main goal of the project:

To improve the lives of people in need, and offer them hope for a better future.


The kingdom of silence!

On 25 October, on a sunny autumn day, the Filocalia team, together with its dedicated volunteers Natalia Luca and Elena Bortă, visited their friends from the Special School for Children with hearing disabilities in the village of Hîrbovăţ, Călăraşi. These kids wake up every morning, take breakfast, go to classes like any other children, but they are different, because they do not hear, there’s a deep silence in their world. At school, we were glad to see both the school administration and all the little ones. As always, the children actively participated in the classroom activities prepared by us. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and on children’s faces one could read only serenity, innocence, modesty …


10 years of activity of the Social Creative Center for children and youth “St. Filaret the merciful”, near the church “St. Nicolae” from Costeşti village, Ialoveni region

10 years have passed since the first day of the Center and lice 10 years ago – today – an autumn day with golden leaves brought us together in the yard of the Social Center near the church, to celebrate the big event. Memories …the first teachers, the first successes, the first pupils and the first volunteers… And today we enjoy an exhibition of works of our talented children and we witness a great concert of  ”Anastasios” choir, led by the wife of the priest – Mme. Veronica Grigoriță. We were happy to see at our event the mayor of the locality, Mme. Natalia Petrea, also of those who contributed to our social projects, also we enjoyed the presence of the folk ensemble ”Haiducii” and a group of guests from Netherlands.


First destination of the campaign “Help the bell ring for every child”

On September 8, the volunteers of “Filocalia” went to visit children from Coşniţa village, Dubăsari region, sharing school supplies. Of course children received us with big smiles on their faces, but it was more amazing when they looked curiously in their bags to see what they had been given. In addition to the school supplies, children received sweets and clothes. PO Filocalia brings sincere thanks to a man with a great soul, thanks to whom it was possible to carry out this action. Also, thanks to Munteanu family from Costesti, for the donation of clothes.


Easter master class for children from Rehabilitation Center ,,Fidanjik” from Comrat


Let’s go for pancakes!

At 24 February PO Filocalia has organized a master class for the creation of handmade Martisors – symbols of spring. The event happened at the Resource center from Cosninta village, Dubaari region. Children learned to make various types of Martisors and by the end of the day everybody was involved in a joint work – a big traditional handmade Martisor. Later in the day a great meal with delicious pancakes followed, all was prepared by our volunteers for the children from the Center. It happened on the white Friday of the holy week.


PROJECT: ”Change a destiny!”

The purpose of the project: raising awareness and implication of the community for reducing the poverty and supporting children from socially vulnerable families from Costesti village, Ialoveni region, Republic of Moldova.


Project: “Step Forward” – Summer camp for peace and friendship for young people from both sides of Nistru River, from Gagauzia and Roma communities from the Republic of Moldova

“Without friendship dialogue between people has no value” (Socrates).

The project “Step Forward” – a summer camp for peace and friendship for young people from both banks of Nistru River, from Gagauzia and Roma communities from the Republic of Moldova has the purpose to develop tolerance, social and communication skills, through interactive, educational activities involving other peers, learning about various cultures which in turn will help them learn about themselves, discover their potential and have a positive contribution in their respective communities.

The period of the project: July 01, 2016 – September 30, 2016


Summer Camp ,,Friendship ship – in the world of beauty!”

On 20 July the “Ship of friendship” started its journey with 47 “sailors” keen for beautiful adventures. The summer camp organized by NGO “Filocalia” for children from socially vulnerable families from both sides of the Nistru River started successfully. The camp was held with the help of 10 devoted volunteers. On the first day team building games and first good interactions between children made us believe in a great start.


PROJECT:,,Social inclusion and support of children and young people from unprivileged families and those with disabilities from Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova”

The main goal of the project: Social inclusion and support of children and young people from unprivileged families and those with disabilities from Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova is aimed at poverty alleviation and social integration of the socially vulnerable children and young people, including those with disabilities from Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova.

The beneficiaries of the project are 155 children and young people from Gagauzia, age range: infants – 18 years old