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Social Assistance

Social Assistance department


The first charity snowflakes

On November 23, the Charity Campaign “Be a Santa for someone!” was launched. On Saturday, November 24th, we visited the first beneficiaries in the village of Draguseni, Straseni region. This was possible thanks to the financial aid granted in advance by our fellow citizens from the diaspora – the parish of St. Nicholas in the city of Cascais, Portugal. Great thanks to Father Petru Pruteanu for active involvement. From this donation we were able to bring joy to 10 elderly people and 42 children from 12 needy families.



The Campaign ,,BE A SANTA FOR SOMEONE!”, 8th edition

We need the happiness of everyone in order to be happy” (Andre Malraux)

The wonderful winter holidays are close and we urge you again to be close to those who need us the most!
Christmas is the time of joy and presents, the time of magic and dreams coming true, of childhood and hopes. This is the holiday of the open heart: we must knock at socially vulnerable people’s doors and help them feel the spirit of the holiday.


A day of smiles in the village of Cotiujenii Mari

A sunny day of summer, a beautiful town with diligent and kind people, flooded by the greenery of secular trees. It’s about the village of Cotiujenii Mari, Șoldănești district.


A ray of light for children from Congaz

An oriental proverb says: “If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten you own way.” The “Sun Ray” rehabilitation center in Congaz, Comrat district, is meant to illuminate and warm the hearts and souls of dozens of children with special needs.


True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.” (Emanuel Swedenborg)

On May 25, the Filocalia team reached a picturesque village in the center of Moldova to bring joy to 54 children from socially vulnerable families in Drăgușeni, Strășeni.


Springtime is the heart awakening

Today AO FILOCALIA team went with beautiful thoughts and a charitable mission to Chiperceni, the Orhei district – a beautiful village with a breathtaking smell of lilac and fascinating because of a disturbing silence.


Give from the heart – make the world better!

After a cold winter comes a warm spring; after a rain the sun shows up; after tears a smile appears, after sadness – happiness…


Spring in our souls

Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!


Honor the elders as you will be old too!

AO Filocalia went to visit the elderly people from Şoldănești Asylum. The elders welcomed us with open arms and they were very happy to participate in the master class organized by the volunteers of the organization.


Results of the campaign “Be a Santa for someone”, 7th edition, 2018!

Between November 20, 2017 and January 30, 2018, PO Filocalia conducted its 7th charity campaign “Be a Santa for someone”. The aim of this event was to help as many socially vulnerable people as possible by developing the concept “Gift from gift”, and to remind those who do not lack things that there are people who need their support. It is not complicated to do good and it is not necessary to be millionaires to help others, it is important to want this and to be emphatic and sensitive to other’s problems. All the donors of our campaign have shown that the problem of poverty is something they are aware of and they want to involve and be part of our project. With their help, we were able to do more than we have initially planned. Thus, the beneficiaries of the Campaign were 550 children, 85 needy families, 70 elderly from the following localities: Costeşti, Ialoveni; Coşniţa, Dubăsari; Congaz, Comrat; Hârbovăţ, Călăraşi; Zgurita, Drochia; Drăguşeni, Străşeni; Cotiujenii Mari, Soldanesti; Salcuta, Causeni; Chiperceni, Orhei.