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Social Assistance

Social Assistance department


For International Children’s day many beneficiaries of PO Filocalia have enjoyed gifts from Switzerland.

On the initiative of a former volunteer of our NGO, who is now living abroad – Elena Maxim, the Moldovan diaspora from Switzerland have gathered toys, sweets, cloths, shoes and hygiene products in order to send them to socially vulnerable families from their home land. From all our hearts we thank those who are far but are thinking about their country and the disadvantaged people. Many thanks to Lupacescu family for their involvement and compassion.


Another beautiful destination within the campaign ,,YOUR HELP WIPES A TEAR”

PO Filocalia’s team went today, 11 April to visit 15 elderly people from Cotiujenii Mari village, Șoldănești region. Volunteers have distributed food and hygiene products, fruits and special Easter cakes and handmade cards. Elderly people were waiting and got very happy when we came because, as they say: It is a miracle when somebody is crossing their threshold… Being back, our volunteers have confessed that they were feeling blessed after talking with those lonely people.


A memorable day for 40 elderly people from Costești village, Ialoveni region.

PO Filocalia has organized an excursion to the Monastery ,,St. Gheorghe” from Suruceni village, Ialoveni region. It was a rainy day, but nevertheless our elderly had happy, smiling faces. After attending the mess in the church, they have received from our organization hygiene products places in special bags made by children from our Social center “St. Filaret the Merciful” near the church “St. Nicolas” from Costesti village on the occasion of Easter holidays. This was possible due to the involvement of the church Cascais from Portugal, priest Petru Pruteanu; teacher Marina Borta and the 10 class from “Olimp” Lyceum, Costesti village; Maria Borta and children from “St. Filaret the Merciful” center, but also all the good hearted people coming to “St. Nicolas” church (Costesti village, Ialoveni district) and donating.


From the heart for other hears!

At 28 March, Filocalia’s team of volunteers went to bring some joy to elderly people from Costești village, Ialoveni region. They gifted food products, hygiene products, fruits, spring handmade cards and flowers. But the most important part was talking with them. Those people really miss conversations, they always feel lonely. During this soul dialogs, volunteers got really emotional about a case:  an old lady who almost lost sight, crying for help to work her garden. She wanted to have her garden prepared for the Easter holidays and volunteers gladly helped her with that.  Big thanks to Maria Borta, teacher Marina Borta and the 10 class from “Olimp” Lyceum, Costesti village and also children from “St. Filaret the Merciful” center for the donations they managed to gather.


A spring smile for elderly people from Coșnița village, Dubăsari region!

Within the campaign “YOUR HELP WIPES A TEAR”, PO Filocalia’s team had visited 15 lonely people from Coșnița village. We talked with them, brought them presents and food. Our volunteers received back words of gratitude and wisdom. We thank the church Cascais from Portugal for their support, especially the priests Petru Pruteanu and Vadim Buruian. Thanks to them this activity was possible to be organized.


A Spring festive event for the beneficiaries of the Boarding school no 5 from Chisinau!

Between 20 February and 31 March 2017, P.O. „FILOCALIA” has organized a Campaign for collecting material aid like food products, hygiene products, other donatins… for solitary elderly and people with disabilities from a few localities of the country. The name chosen for the campaign is ”YOUR HELP WIPES A TEAR”.


Last destination of the campaign ,,Be a Santa for someone”

At January 2, volunteers of Filocalia went to 7 socially vulnerable families from Sangera, where kids received presents: toys, sweets, books and for their families – food and hygiene packages. We thank Valeria RusuHellene Sun and Corina Ersov for the contributions and also thanks to the volunteers that have found time to go to this destination.


Campaign “Be a Santa for someone” continues!

On 18 January, the PO Filocalia team went to visit 12 families in Draguseni village, Straseni region. Children have received sweets, fruits, prayer books and magazines for children and their families have received food and hygiene packages. In this action we have been helped by three international volunteers from France and Japan, whom we thank for their involvement.