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A successful Charity Bazaar

On March 1st a wonderful Charity Bazaar organized by the NGO “Filocalia” ended. This was a Fair organized with the occasion of a beautiful national holiday – The Martishor”. This year’s Bazaar was held under the motto “A Martishor can bring the spring!” We were convinced once again that Moldovans are a nation with a big heart and faith in the power of goodness.


The first destination of the Campaign “A Martishor can make the spring!”

The first day of spring 2014, PO “Filocalia” along with some of its volunteers went to beneficiaries in Elderly Asylum from Soldanesti region. Initially we have received from the director of the Asylum a list of all that the 29 elderly needed and with a beautiful contributions from Moldovans from Belgium, we were able to procure the required goods and make happy the residents of the institution. We thank from all our hearts people from Belgium, who organized a nice “Martishor” Charity Fair, collecting from sales the amount of 430 euro.


“Martishor” exhibition organized at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History from Chisinau

On the eve of March 1, hundreds of “martishors” were exposed on 28 February 2014 at an exhibition held at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History from Chisinau. At this beautiful event PO “Filocalia” also took part.

The ancient custom of “martishor”, as a symbol of spring and regeneration of nature is linked to the beginning of the New Year in agriculture, celebrating the transition from winter to spring. According to the tradition, the first day of spring, people caught “martishors” until sunrise. Elders say that “martishors” were made ​​on the eve of March 1.


Let’s go to the country side! Together we increase the touristic potential of villages from both sides of Nistru River


Villages from both banks of Nistru River are more and more attractive for locals and tourists. After a pause of 20 years, in Ustia village today was officially launched an innovative energy saving street illumination system of 14 km, renewed with the financial support of the program EU-UNDP.
Next year 10 new rural guest houses will be created, and 250 families from villages from both banks of the River will be connected through the touristic project “Let’s go to the country side!”, using innovative promotion tools.

At least 250 young people from Speia village, on the left side of Nistru River will learn traditional crafts, which will help them find a job in the future.

This were only a few of the new projects presented today by EU-UNDP program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” within a traditional meeting organized in Ustia village, Dubasari region.


We announce the spring for boys from Penitentiary no 10 from Goian

On February 17, we went to announce the arrival of much awaited spring to minors from prison no. 10 from Goian village with a master-class of making „martisors” – symbol of spring in Moldova.

Priest Vasile Ciobanu, the confessor of PO „Filocalia” also came with us. This time his words of advice, encouragement and consolation were directed to the boys from the prison.


A “Martisor” can make the spring!

Soon spring will knock at the window and will invade our souls: the snowdrops, the fresh air and the wonderful “martisors” will announce the rebirth of nature. With the occasion of spring holiday  MARTISOR, PO “Filocalia” launches at February 10th 2014, the charity campaign “A “Martisor” can make the spring!” in which we aim to offer a smile for elders (a martisor and packages with clothing, food and hygiene products) .


(Română) Scrisoare către AO Filocalia de la doi deţinuţi minori din Penitenciarul nr. 13 din Chişinău

Sorry, this entry is only available in Română.


Master-class for handmade “Martisori” in Speia village, Grigoriopol region





Tuesday, 28 of January 2014, when Moldova was covered by snow and the snowflakes seemed to fall forever, PO “Filocalia” team went to Speia village, Grigoriopol region to perform a new master-class, as part of the project “Development of creative and professional skills for children from socially vulnerable families from Speia village, Grigoriopol, given the experience of PO “Filocalia” on the right bank of Nistru River”, sponsored by the EU – UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures”.


Traditional meeting with winter customs in Speia, Gregoreopol



If summer is the season that awakens memories of wonderful holidays full of adventures, then surely all of us know that winter is the season of carols and sledding. Unfortunately, Winter fairy hasn’t been so generous with snow this year, but on customs related to the winter holidays we cannot complain.

On January 12, the House of Culture from Speia village held a traditional meeting about winter customs, attended by local elders and young people from both sides of Nistru River. The purpose of the meeting was to give young people the opportunity to learn more about the winter traditions and customs, but also to organize a cultural exchange between them.


Results of the campaign “Be a Santa for someone”, 3rd edition

“A person that loves humanity can be useful not mainly through his actions, but through the example that he gives” (Andre Gide)

This year, having the wonderful experience from last years, PO „Filocalia” initiated the charity campaign „Be a Santa for someone”, hoping to make happy as many socially vulnerable children as possible. We made it! Even more then we initially hoped! This campaign is meant to help poor children, but also to remind to the community that there are families with real needs, people that are unhappy during the holidays. Our purpose is to make these people feel the spirit of the Holy Feasts.  The campaign was possible thanks to the support of German organization „Kindermissionswerk” and „Kerk in Actie” from Netherlands.