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Ludoterapie 01

Therapy through games at the Boarding school no.5

For some years PO “Filocalia” has a special friendship with the Boarding school no.5 from Chisinau. In November 2011, at the second floor of the institutions a playing room was equipped. Here children of different age with mental disabilities have the possibility to participate at ludotherapy lessons (therapy through games), developing their basic abilities. In the same period, a team of volunteers was created and instructed to spend time with children involving them in different ludic activities.


Preparing for the spring holidays with children from Harbovat boarding school

On February 6 we, the “Filocalia” team, with our dear volunteers, have spent an unforgettable day with pupils form Boarding school for deaf children from Harbovat village, Calarasi region. First impression is that the school is at the end of the world, forgotten by all, at crossroads, in the middle of the woods. But when we approached the entrance of the institution, we have seen many joyful and smiling faces at the windows. We met children and teachers who do not seem to be too often spoiled by guests. Over 40 children came together into the technological education room, and were divided into groups and trained in several master-classes by the volunteers. The more mature boys made manual cards and learned new forms of hand made gifts. The smaller participants made decorative bracelets with roses from special paper and cards on quelling technology.
For culinary workshop from the boarding school we brought food supplies and, being on the path to the Spring holidays, we brought materials for pupils, who, inspired by the master-classes, would prepare small decorative gifts for their parents.
Although the children from this institution have a hearing and speech disability, contrary to our expectations – to find ourselves in a world of peace and silence, they were very excited and tried to communicate with us with different sounds. We were very inspired by this particular trip. We all had to learn something from each other. We learned a few general words used in sign language. When we said goodbye, each of us has “shown” in sign his own name, making a great contact with the curious children who were also studying us. We look forward to future meetings with these wonderful children, to socialize with them and also to learn the art of communication through smiles…

Campania Craciun

Results of the campaign “Be a Santa Claus for someone!”

We are very glad when we succeed in our campaigns to help more beneficiaries than we originally planned. “Be a Santa Claus for someone!”Campaign was held between 19.11.12 – 19.01.2013, during the holiday season, and aimed to collect donations in any form for socially vulnerable children and elderly from rural regions of the country and also for children with mental and physical disabilities from Chisinau and Harbovat special school for deaf children.

Voluntari 2012


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Singera 1

Last destination of the Christmas campaign

It seems that poverty runs to villages far from the capital, to villages forgotten by the world, but it is not like this. On 18th of January, „Filocalia” went with donations to the vulnerable families from Sangera region, Chisinau. Here we saw houses far from being called modest, but we also saw, by contrast, houses that seem to have hundreds years and ready to fall on the heads of the joyful children who live in them. Mainly to these children we came with gifts and kindness in the middle of January. We have found some of them smiling and shy, others – curious and excited, but also others – injured by firecrackers exploded on the night of the New Year.

Zgurita 01

Santa Claus at the North of Moldova

On January 17 PO “Filocalia” team went to Northern Moldova, eager to spread the last gifts for the one who were waiting for us since December. The roads were snowy and the cold was pinching our cheeks. Our first destination was the village Zgurita where we have brought many gifts to the families with many children. Namely children by their sincere smiles of gratitude, gives the true value to our actions of charity. We were sorry that we couldn’t make it earlier because of the hard weather conditions, but sometimes it is better to come later, then never.


Singing carols at the Penitentiary nr 2 from Lipcani region

“On the floor of twigs children bring in hands the stars / Let them leave their houses and sing carols for the goodhearted neighbors” This is a beautiful carol we all enjoyed in our trip to the last Northern point on the map of Moldova – Lipcani region. Not with stars in our hands, but with gifts and home made food, we drove on January 2nd to bring carols for the minors from the Penitentiary no. 2.


Santa visiting children from Costesti village, Ialoveni region

In the last days of the 2012 year, on the 30 of December, Santa’s sleigh sent by “Filocalia” headed for the village Costesti, Ialoveni region, where the Social center “St. Filaret the Merciful “gathered 30 beautiful children, eager to receive gifts. Poems and carols filled the attic of the social center and this made Santa Claus very happy.


Exhibition “Spring from the children’s souls” at Shopping Moldova, march 2010

Project’s goal: Development of the creative spirit and professional orientation of the persons with disabilities, orphans, children from socially vulnerable families, as a method for rehabilitation and integration into the society.