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Honor the elders as you will be old too!

AO Filocalia went to visit the elderly people from Şoldănești Asylum. The elders welcomed us with open arms and they were very happy to participate in the master class organized by the volunteers of the organization.


Results of the campaign “Be a Santa for someone”, 7th edition, 2018!

Between November 20, 2017 and January 30, 2018, PO Filocalia conducted its 7th charity campaign “Be a Santa for someone”. The aim of this event was to help as many socially vulnerable people as possible by developing the concept “Gift from gift”, and to remind those who do not lack things that there are people who need their support. It is not complicated to do good and it is not necessary to be millionaires to help others, it is important to want this and to be emphatic and sensitive to other’s problems. All the donors of our campaign have shown that the problem of poverty is something they are aware of and they want to involve and be part of our project. With their help, we were able to do more than we have initially planned. Thus, the beneficiaries of the Campaign were 550 children, 85 needy families, 70 elderly from the following localities: Costeşti, Ialoveni; Coşniţa, Dubăsari; Congaz, Comrat; Hârbovăţ, Călăraşi; Zgurita, Drochia; Drăguşeni, Străşeni; Cotiujenii Mari, Soldanesti; Salcuta, Causeni; Chiperceni, Orhei.


The last destination of our great Winter charity campaign!

At 25 of January, we have visited children from the Center ,,Lucic solnte’’ from Congaz village, in the South of our country. The volunteers of Filocalia have organized a winter master class, attended by 15 beneficiaries of the center. The children made handmade works: tissue snowmen and paper dears, winter cards and also participated to a very creative joint work. At the end, the little masters received sweet gifts. At the same time, 12 families with many children received packs of food, toys and small gifts for babies. We were glad seeing in the eyes of little children and parents a spark of hope and joy.


“May be blessed the one who helps others in need, God will also help them the judging day” (St. David)

During the winter holidays, we have organized the beautiful campaign “Be a Santa for someone”, where we offered support and tried to bring a smile on the faces of many sad people from the rural areas of our country. We could not have done this without the help of great people who deserve all our appreciation and admiration. Thus, we thank a lot the official sponsor of our campaign -“from Costești village, Ialoveni region, Elena Maxim, Tatiana Lupacescu, Corina Sansonnene, Semira Tauzi, Marcia Daenzer and the Diaspora from Switzerland, Gheorghe and Elena Diaconu, Tatiana and Natalia Zaporojeț, Cristina Cobîlaș, Corina Erşov, Cristina Ciobanu, Bogdan Ciobanu and Alina Loboda and the Diaspora from Belgium, Igor and Elena Popov, Alexei and Mihaela Ursachi, Elena Munteanu, Dmitrii and Iulia Teterea, Galina Midoni, Ecaterina and Lidia Bivol for the financial donations, cloths, shoes, toys and sweets. And because there many people who wanted to be part of this big campaign, and donated more than we initially expected, PO “Filocalia” has decided to extend the Charity campaign until the end of January 2018.


Their joy is our joy!

During the winter holidays PO Filocalia went with gifts to the beneficiaries from the village of Costesti, Ialoveni region. So, Santa filled his bag with gifts, toys, fruits, food and hygienic products, and went to those who were waiting for him. Children sang beautiful carols to the delight of our old Santa. Of course, children but also elderly enjoyed the small gifts.

Thanks to everyone involved in the campaign!


PO Filocalia’s Santa Claus has arrived in Zgurita village, Drochia region!

PO Filocalia’s Santa Claus has arrived in Zgurita village, Drochia region, where 15 lonely elders and 15 socially vulnerable families were waiting for us. Thus, the beneficiaries received packages of food, hygiene products, clothes and toys. It was very sad to see an old man who does not have a family, who is almost all the time in bed, and comes out very rarely, who does not receive a pension because he does not have an identity card… We, people who have a salary and a normal life, we don’t even realize that somewhere there is a person in such a difficult situation. But those people exist, and unfortunately they are many. As long as we can, we must help people like that man, also because “gift from gift brings us closer to Heaven”.


Within the beautiful winter campaign, PO Filocalia has arrived in Chiperceni village, Orhei region.

Within the beautiful winter campaign, PO Filocalia also reached 10 lonely elderly and 5 socially vulnerable families from Chiperceni village, Orhei region. We have seen joy in the eyes of the elderly, they are rarely visited and our visit made them smile. Some have complained about a hard life, others told us how glad they were having children, but they were busy working abroad and rarely cross their threshold. Visiting the families, we have better understood what it meant to be a large and united family, where, despite difficulties, there is good education and harmony. Of course, our Santa brought some gifts and some necessary small things for the households. Thanks to everyone involved in the campaign!


This year, “Filocalia’s Santa Claus has also visited Salcuta village, Causeni region!

This year, “Filocalia’s Santa Claus has also visited Salcuta village, Causeni region. Thus 10 lonely elderly and 5 socially vulnerable families received packages of food, sweets, fruit and toys for children. Of course, there was a lot of joy in their eyes, especially as they saw the good old Santa entering their homes. We thank our great volunteers for their involvement.


One more activity for the soul within our campaign: “Be a Santa for someone”!

On December 16, 80 children from the village of Costesti, Ialoveni region; Cosnita village, Dubasari and children from the boarding school from Harbovat region had a very special day. A part of the children had the chance to watch the play “Snowman” at “Luceafarul” Theater in the capital, and another part of them – “Goritza’s Tree” at “Licurici” Doll Theater. After that, children went on a small trip through the Central Christmas Fair. The cool part was for them to receive gifts and to eat all together at “Andy’s Pizza” restaurant. We are grateful to Elena Munteanu for the donation, which made possible to pay the transport for a part of the children.


Every child has the right to be happy!

Every child has the right to be happy! Unfortunately, some of them have only things that do not bring joy to their soul. Therefore, PO Filocalia has not forgotten the 15 beneficiary families from Draguseni village, Straseni region. We were received by the children with positive emotions and big sincere smiles. We were glad to see how educated children were when thanking for everything they were receiving. Thanks to everyone involved in the campaign!