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Buds of hope – social campaign where children help elderlyBuds of hope – social campaign where children help elderly

Any end of winter also means a beginning of spring. In this beautiful period, in the season of the revival of nature, PA "Filocalia" implements from the 25th of February until the 25th of April the charity campaign "BUDS OF HOPE". The beneficiaries of the given campaign are 90 elderly people (lonely old people, elderly people with disabilities and burdened with material needs) and 400 children. March is the month of the symbolic “Martișor” and each year, at the end of February, children from the Social Center "Sf. Filaret the Merciful” from Costești village, Ialoveni district, work together to make… »

You’ve been a Santa for them…You’ve been a Santa for them…

Another winter, another warming heart Campaign over, already traditional for PA "Filocalia". What we enjoy the most is the fact that we feel the impact we make; for several years now, we have been planning to bring joy and reach out to a certain number of beneficiaries and the last few years we succeed in helping more people than initialy planned. And this was possible only thanks to YOU, to those who care and who get involved. This is why our success is the success of the whole community. This year (in the 8 edition of the campaign), 525 children, 45 families, 49 lonely elderly benefited from gifts, clothes,… »

A charity lesson – with and for childrenA charity lesson – with and for children

This year we are at the 9th edition of the campaign „Be a Santa or someone!”, launched on November 20, 2019 and lasting until January 7, 2020. The campaign aims to support people with special material or social needs through the participation of children in charity activities, through individual involvement and the promotion of volunteering as a form of civic activism. On December 7, the "Gift from gift" action was carried out, in which a child could bring gifts, toys, sweets, fruits to a child with fewer opportunities, promoting the slogan: "You are their Christmas". 34 children from socially… »


„The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”   (Oscar Wilde) Winter holidays are the ones that bring joy to everyone, it is the time of gifts, beautiful childhood memories and of tomorrow's hopes. It is the celebration when we open our hearts, which is why the Association "FILOCALIA" comes with the desire to make people happier, more fulfilled and less sad and lonely and invites you to join us. Together we can give them a brighter Christmas. This year we are at the 9 edition of the wonderful campaign „be a santa for someone!”, initiated the 20 of November 2019… »

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