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Martisors, bananas, sun and smilesMartisors, bananas, sun and smiles

On March 2, AO Filocalia decided to go to the children from the boarding school in Carpineni village for an interesting activity. The children, together with the volunteers, would make MARTISORS, and then go with us to the solitary elders from the same village to gift them the Martisors and bring them a pack of fresh food.  In the bus offered by the Institution a box of bananas was consumed in a glimpse. But children have a great soul and have left two bananas for each elderly. The surprise of the day was to receive gifts from the solitary elderly on the occasion of the Christian holiday „The Saturday of… »

Snow can’t stop the spring from comingSnow can’t stop the spring from coming

On February 23, the winter decided that it would like to stay some more time on the land of Moldova. In the morning, a layer of snow covered the hills, villages and towns of the country. But because PO Filocalia promised the elderies of Şoldăneşti Asylum that we would come with gifts and master classes specifically today, we wanted to keep our word. Twenty-five humble souls have welcomed us. Filocalia team (Corina, Cristina and Sebastian) came this time with a master class of „Martisors” – symbols of Spring. We have also brought sweet gifts, fruits, hygiene items and spring clothes for our… »

Launching the campaign „Buds of hope”Launching the campaign „Buds of hope”

Any end of winter also means a start of the long-awaited spring. In this seasonal nature revitalization, "Filocalia" aims to launch on February 20th the charity campaign "Buds of hope". The campaign’s beneficiaries are 60 elderly (solitary elderly, elderly burdened with material deprivation); 35 socially vulnerable families and 350 children from the following localities of the country: Chișinău Cărpineni, Hâncești Costești, Ialoveni Șoldănești Zgurița, Drochia Coșnița, Dubăsari Drăgușeni, Strășeni Congaz, Comrat Hârbovăț, Călărași During the spring campaign, we… »

Spring in colors!Spring in colors!

On February 8, Filocalia helped by 2 volunteers went to the boarding school from Carpineni, where each child with two hands and a heart created ingenious greeting cards for grandparents, friends and their teachers. The subject of the day was the resurrection of nature, the arrival of spring. After each has made a greeting card, a joint work came along, because teamwork matters! Buttons, little tissue flowers, cut ornaments and colored prints have all been harmoniously gathered in a single drawing, where a towering tree as announcing the return of the rebirth season. The work called "Spring in colors" was… »

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