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A perspective for the futureA perspective for the future

In 2017 PO "Filocalia" celebrated 11 years of activity. This year - 2018 - we decided to make a general assessment of the organization's activities, but also lessons learned to identify future prospects. In this process, we were helped by 2 young students in Belgium who decided to take the example of the charity NGO – ”Filocalia” for the project they are doing within their Master's degree. Damian Gallucci and Alexandra Orlova had a 10-day visit to the Republic of Moldova in order to become familiar with the activities, results, successes and challenges of the Filocalia in previous years. They visited… »

A day of smiles in the village of Cotiujenii MariA day of smiles in the village of Cotiujenii Mari

A sunny day of summer, a beautiful town with diligent and kind people, flooded by the greenery of secular trees. It's about the village of Cotiujenii Mari, Șoldănești district. Together with the PA "Filocalia" team, came a group of the people of good faith, who asked for their anonymity. The guests brought gifts for 52 children from 12 socially vulnerable families. The gesture of charity was made in the memory of their parents. Together with the traditional colăcel and a memorial candle, the children received packs of food, clothing, sweets and kind words. Both children and guests have experienced… »

In the world of beautyIn the world of beauty

As "Filocalia" means "love of beauty", on Sunday, after the Divine Liturgy, the children from the "St. Filaret cel Milostiv" Social Center in Costeşti, Ialoveni, went to Chisinau. Firstly they watched and even participated in the Cinderella play - a true lesson of humble modesty and hardworking. After the show they also took pictures with the actors.The journey through the world of beauty continued at an impressive exhibition of folk costumes deployed at the Palace of the Republic. "Without traditions there is no culture: neither the simple man nor the genius can create anything without traditions" (Vasile… »

Completion of the Culinary Arts coursesCompletion of the Culinary Arts courses

From October 2017 till June 2018 took place a Culinary Arts course at the "Sf. Filaret cel Milostiv" Center of Creationfor Children and Youth of the "Sf. Nicolae" church in Costeşti, Ialoveni district. About 25 children have learned from the teacher Lidia Bivol the ethics of serving, culinary recipes, "secrets" of dessert snacks and other useful things for the future. Children were equipped with special aprons and chef hats which they later received as a gift. They had practical lessons and they were themselves the little chefs to enjoy the prepared meals and sweets. They were also helped by veteran… »

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