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The first hours in the workshops from Speia village, Grigoriopol region

On March 18, pupils from the Speia, Grigoriopol have had the first hours in the tailor and decorative arts workshops, opened in the local school.


End of “Martishor” charity campaign

On March 15, 2014 another beautiful charity campaign organized by the NGO ” Filocalia ” titled “A martishor can make the spring” has finished. If in our last two campaigns the basic beneficiaries were children from poor families, in the spring campaign we have decided to help another category of beneficiaries – namely solitary elders and those socially marginalized.


The last destination of the Campaign „A „martishor” can make the spring!”

Last destination of our spring campaign was the northern point of Moldova – Calaraseuca village, Ocnita region. The „martishors” made ​​by children in the artistic workshops sponsored by PO “Filocalia” brought joy to elders from Calaraseuca Asylum announcing the true warmth and beauty of spring. Taking advantage of the great sunny weather, we also visited on our way the 2 wonderful monasteries of our country: Calaraseuca and Rudi. 


„Martishors” for elderly from Costesti village, Ialoveni region

„Today, 9 of March 2014 we have visited 15 elderly from Costesti village, Ialoveni region. We brought them food packages, presents and small „martishors” – symbols of spring. We have met people born in 1924, who knew the hunger and the war and have survived.


Smell of flowers and smiles in Cosnita, Dubasari for the 8 of March holiday

Smelling of violets and with over 40 “martishors” in the pockets, we came to Cosnita village, Dubasari region together with our 8 volunteers the 8 of March. For several years we have made ​​a habit of going namely on this holiday to the social center “House of Hope” from Cosnita village.


A successful Charity Bazaar

On March 1st a wonderful Charity Bazaar organized by the NGO “Filocalia” ended. This was a Fair organized with the occasion of a beautiful national holiday – The Martishor”. This year’s Bazaar was held under the motto “A Martishor can bring the spring!” We were convinced once again that Moldovans are a nation with a big heart and faith in the power of goodness.


The first destination of the Campaign “A Martishor can make the spring!”

The first day of spring 2014, PO “Filocalia” along with some of its volunteers went to beneficiaries in Elderly Asylum from Soldanesti region. Initially we have received from the director of the Asylum a list of all that the 29 elderly needed and with a beautiful contributions from Moldovans from Belgium, we were able to procure the required goods and make happy the residents of the institution. We thank from all our hearts people from Belgium, who organized a nice “Martishor” Charity Fair, collecting from sales the amount of 430 euro.

teren joc

Playgrounds and sport rooms for children from rural areas of the Re-public of Moldova.

Purpose: Improving the quality of the educational-didactical process in kindergartens from Zgurita village, Cotova and Tepilova villages.

Target groups: ≈ 72 children from the kindergar-ten from Zgurita village; 80 children between 2 and 7 years from Cotova village; 100 pupils from Tepilova village, among them – 15 children – from socially vulnerable families and 8 children with dis-abilities.

Short description and activities of the project: Kindergartens and schools represent social institutions of major importance. Unfortunately the economical situations in the villages of Moldova does not allow additional funding for a harmonious development of children.Given the fact that the project was approved later than planned, the direct beneficiaries of the project changed: children from kindergarten from Zgurita village and children from kindergarten „St. Stelian” from Costesti village.The project’s funds were used to purchase, to transport and to install the equipment at this 2 loca-tions. The local employees would be responsible for the organization of the free time of children, for their physical development.At 30 of August, when we went to the North of the country within the campaign „Help the bell ring for every child”, we also have visited the kin-dergarten from Zgurita.

The inauguration of the playground in Cost-esti village, Ialoveni region was the 2 of September, when children gathered for a new educational year, after the summer holidays. We couldn’t skip such an important event for children, also because they are the youngest volunteers of „Filocalia”: they have presented beautiful concerts for our elderly-beneficiaries at the Republican Asylum for elderly and pensioned people, but also for pupils with men-tal disabilities from the boarding school no. 5 from Chisinau. Children were very happy about the new equipment. The teachers hardly managed to bring them back to classes.

Results: Playgrounds were arranged and used ac-cordingly to the initial destination.


“Martishor” exhibition organized at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History from Chisinau

On the eve of March 1, hundreds of “martishors” were exposed on 28 February 2014 at an exhibition held at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History from Chisinau. At this beautiful event PO “Filocalia” also took part.

The ancient custom of “martishor”, as a symbol of spring and regeneration of nature is linked to the beginning of the New Year in agriculture, celebrating the transition from winter to spring. According to the tradition, the first day of spring, people caught “martishors” until sunrise. Elders say that “martishors” were made ​​on the eve of March 1.