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Be a Santa for someone! 4th edition

Winter holidays are coming and the time is right to stand by those less fortunate! Christmas is the celebration of joy, gifts, childhood and fulfilled hopes. It is the time for opening our hearts: we must open our doors to those in need and help them forget their sorrows. That is why the Association “FILOCALIA” comes with the desire to make happier some sad and lonely people and invites you to join us and together to offer them a brighter Christmas.


PROJECT: ,,Developing artistic and professional skills in children from socially vulnerable families from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, based on the experience of PO “Filocalia” on the right border of Nistru river”

Scopul: Promovarea înţelegerii între tinerii de    pe cele două maluri ale Nistrului prin intermediul  educaţiei.

Beneficiari direcţi: 45 de copiii din familii social vulnerabile din s. Speia, r. Grigoriopol

Perioada de desfăşurare: 11.11.2013-10.11.2014