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Archive for January, 2015


Results of the 4th campaign „Be a Santa for someone”

Winter holidays have a moral value: to make people happier, but also to make them sensible about those in need. For already 4 years, PO „Filocalia”, having in mind the idea that during the winter holidays every human being has the right to be happy, has initiated this year’s charity Campaign „Be a Santa for someone”, hoping that many people in need would receive help.


A special theatre play for beneficiaries of Social Center ”St. Filaret the Merciful” from Costesti village

The beneficiaries of the Social Center ”St. Filaret the Merciful” from Costesti village (Ialoveni region) have visited a Theatre from Chisinau, watching the play „The sleeping beauty” by Charles Pierrot. They were very emotional, being influenced by the personages of the play.


Special activities within the 4th edition of the campaign „Be a Santa for someone”

The best gift for winter holidays for everyone is a happy family reunion. But many children and old people do not get this joy. And if the whole family is present, the feast is sometimes overshadowed by poverty, cold and sadness. In these circumstances, the team of PO “Filocalia” tried to bring some hope and warm in the souls of children and elderly burdened by needs.


A year of trust

At the beginning of 2015 we remember fondly our achievements from 2014. Certainly one of the most important was the implementation in partnership with the NGO “Надежда и будущее” of the project “Trust through education.” This was possible with the assistance of the “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, financed by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, which aims to help promote trust between both banks of Nistru River.