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PO “Filocalia” at Civic Fest 2015

At 26 September 2015 the team of PO “Filocalia” has participated at the 3rd edition of the International Festival “CIVIC FEST: Moldova for citizens”, which took place in Orheiul Vechi region, Butuceni at an open-air theatre. The Event is part of the “Days of the Civil society” organized between 24 and 26 September in Chisinau and in Butuceni, Orheiul Vechi. Within the event some discussion workshops, round tables, networking sessions and citizens debates were organized.


PO “Filocalia” at the NGO’s 2015 Fair


The end of the 5th edition of the Campaign „Help the bell ring for every child”

Between August 1st and September 15, 2015, the PO „FILOCALIA” has organized a campaign for collecting school supplies called “Help the bell ring for every child”. This is one more step our organization took to prevent the school abandon and for educational and social integration of children. Within this year’s campaign we managed to help 208 children to go to school. The beneficiary of this campaign were families from Chişinău, but also: 26 Children from Sângera, 26 children from Grozești village, Nisporeni region, 45 children from Comrat region, 15 children from Chirsovo village, 25 – from Congaz region, 10 children from Coşniţa village, Dubăsari region, 55 from Costești village, Ialoveni region and a family with 6 children from Temeleuți village, Florești region.

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It is already autumn in the calendar!

It is already autumn in the calendar! The 1st of September brought a lot of emotions to each pupil. With the occasion of a new school year  PO “Filocalia” congratulates each and every one, all the beneficiaries of our campaign with a new beginning. Let this year teach you about new possibilities, initiatives, friendships and responsibility. May God help you and protect you in all your beginnings every day.

The end of August and beginning of September was the period when we visited a few vulnerable families from Sangera locality. We have brought them school supplies, food packages and cloths, hoping that this will bring them closer to school and to all the other children who go to school.


The bell announcing the beginning of a new school year in Costesti, Ialoveni

At August 30 in the village of Costesti, Ialoveni region the bell rang in two places announcing the beginning of the new school year: at the church of “St. Nicolae” and in the village center within a beautiful celebration organized with the occasion of the annual “Our language” event.