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“Filocalia’s” Santa Claus continued to enjoy his trip to as many children!

At December 27, gifts from Santa Claus went to children from the Creative Social Center ,,St. Filaret the Merciful” from  Costesti village, Ialoveni. Together with “Filocalia’s” volunteers children danced in a miraculous scenario of winter: many games, contests and poetry were delivered for the good old Santa Claus.  Also for the new team of young volunteers of “Filocalia” originally from Costesti village we have organized a visit to Chisinau city center and Pizza to thank them for being so receptive and united in their help in the winter campaign.


A beautiful day for beneficiaries from Costeşti village , Ialoveni !

With the occasion of St. Nicholas who is the patron of the church ,,St Nicholas” from Costesti village, Ialoveni region, PO “Filocalia” planned to help Santa Claus to distribute gifts to children,  the first gift was the theatre play “Eliza and the swans” for those children who are beneficiaries of the Social Center  ,, St. Filaret the Merciful” near the church  ,,St. Nicholas “, the rest of the gift were distributed the  20.12.2015 to vulnerable families from Costesti village, Ialoveni.


Santa Claus gifts also for children from Grozesti village, Nisporeni!

Children do not hesitate to amaze us every time our team goes to visit them, preparing many interesting surprises for us!


A fairytale for children from Resource centers “Lucic solnţa” from Kongaz region and “Luci” from Kirsovo village, Comrat region.

A fairytale for children from Resource centers “Lucic solnţa” from Kongaz region and “Luci” from Kirsovo village, Comrat region.

On the eve of St. Nicholas holiday “Filocalia” team headed to the south of the country as to enjoy their friends in Gagauzia region. We have prepared a very fun program and cognitive exercises, games, contests. Children were actively involved knowing that each of them shall receive for the participation a present from Santa. At the end of the meeting all received gifts: sweets, toys, school supplies, books. In our turn, we were rewarded with grateful smiles.

“Faith without works is dead” – so says Apostle James in his epistle to Catholics. This message should always encourage us to good works.


AO Filocalia at the Rehabilitation Center ” Fidanjik ” Comrat!

PO Filocalia continues to bring happiness and the magic of the holiday season to children.

At December 18 “Filocalia” team organized a party for children from rehabilitation center “Fidanjik” for children with special needs from Comrat. The celebration started with Christmas songs and Santa Claus, who brought toys, sweets, fruits, books for all the children. Children were also prepared for the celebration, telling Santa poems and songs. The atmosphere in the room was very pleasant.  The faces of children were shining with serenity and innocence. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful charity act.


The first beneficiaries of the winter campaign!

Winter holidays are coming and it is time to be with those less fortunate than us. At December 12 NGO “Filocalia” team brought smiles to children from special boarding school for hearing impaired children in Harbovat village, Calarasi region and to the children from the temporary placement center for children in need  from Calarasi town.


Impressions about working for FILOCALIA as a volunteer!

Impressions about working for FILOCALIA as a volunteer from abroad

,,I am from Germany and worked this November one month for the charity organization FILOCALIA. During my stay I helped the most time, preparing a Christmas project to support poor children.

All in all I can say working for FILOCALIA is interesting and makes a lot of fun. The atmosphere is really pleasant and I was surrounded by many local volunteers, who tried their best to speak in English with me (my Romanian skills are really poor).

For me it was a good time and I enjoyed working in such a great team, which does an important and excellent work to support people in need.”