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Results of the charity campaign ,,Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place”, 1st edition

Between 10 February and 15 March 2016, NGO Filocalia developed the charity campaign ,,Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place”, 1st edition. The purpose of this project was to offer moral and material support to people in difficulty and to help them feel the spirit of spring. The general sponsor of this campaign was the Insurance company ”Donaris – Vienna Insurance Group”.

The beneficiaries of the campaign were 230 children, 53 elderly and 25 families of socially vulnerable people from the following localities of the country:

  • Cosnita village, Dubăsari region;
  • Costesti village, Ialoveni region;
  • Harbovat village, Calarasi region;
  • Congaz village, Comrat
  • Soldanesti region;
  • Penintentiary no.10 from Goian;
  • Comrat region;
  • Chisinau.

The last destination of the campaign: „Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place”!

At 18 of March PO Filocalia held a master class with children from boarding school for hearing impaired children in Harbovat. Children were eagerly waiting for us and were very happy to create agina something beautiful together with our active volunteers. We came up with congratulations for the arrival of Spring and made a common work symbolizing friendship between all of us. Later on, we all went out because the day was beautiful and the sun warmed us with its rays. We played some fun games together. Finally, children received sweets and wished us farewell and thanked us for stoping by.

Here is what one of our volunteers witnessed -  Doina Fleştor, who went for the first time to visit this place:

,, You can learn many things from children, for example how much patience you can have. ” Franklin P. Jones.

Why I started with this quote? because really I have better understood what patience is. Children were amazing, their eyes were filled with joy and hope, all were actively involved and willing to work. I see these children for the first time. At the beginning I was thinking how we will understand each other, they can’t hear. But I realized that the way they convey emotions is a matter of heart and soul, one can understand everything just by a glance.”


Smiles delivery!

Within the Campaign „Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place”, „Filocalia” team went to visit the 18 of March children from the Resource centers „Lucic solnta” from Congaz and „Fidanjik” from Comrat. We organized a Spring master class. After helping the children crate small handmade cards, volunteers together with a few groups of children made a common work . At the end of the day everyone received a box with sweets as a reward for their active implication in the activities of the day.

Also 20 socially vulnerable families with many children from the region of Comrat and Congaz have received packages with hygiene and food products.

An unexpected surprise was to receive from the employees of the Center „Lucic solnta” a Diploma for NGO „Filocalia”.


From heart to hearts!

“We can’t make big things in this world. We can do small things with big love” Mother Teresa
At 13 March, the team of “Filocalia” has distributed food packages and hygiene products to the beneficiaries from Costesti village, Ialoveni region. Our volunteers congratulated the elderly and the socially vulnerable families with the arrival of Spring and gave them a handmade Martisor. They also spent some time talking to them about their life. They need someone to listen to their problems.


PO “Filocalia” continues to bring smiles to the beneficiaries of the campaign “Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place!”

PO “Filocalia” continues to bring smiles to the beneficiaries of the campaign “Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place!”. At 11 March, the volunteers of the organization have distributed packages with food and hygiene products for the lonely elderly from Cosnita village, Dubasari region. Our volunteers congratulated the elderly with the arrival of Spring and gave them a handmade Martisor. They were very moved to see us. Apparently they are not spoiled by guests and someone talking and listening to them is a real joy. A few old ladies brought us bouquets of flowers from their gardens.


PO Filocalia visiting elderly from Soldanesti Asylum!

“Love your old parents! It is not a duty; it is because you are where you are today thanks to their contribution and sacrifices”

On March 9, 2016 PO “Filocalia” went to visit the elderly shelter from Soldanesti, which houses 28 elderly people. They received clothes, hygiene products, and the Martisor – symbol of the Spring, which they enjoyed very much. We were greeted with smiles, songs and poems about mothers and about our beautiful country – their homeland. Of course we could not leave the place without a smile given by these people with strong hearts.

NGO “Filocalia” brings a lot of gratitude to the Insurance Company “Donaris – Vienna Insurance Group” for being the general sponsor of the campaign: “Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place!”, 1st edition.


Seminar ,,Our family – the little church” within the project “Right To A Childhood Without Violence”

Between February 1st to March 1st , PO “Filocalia” held a contest for children from Costesti village, Ialoveni raion, with the theme: ,, Our family – the little church”. The contest was part of the project “Right To A Childhood Without Violence” – as a contribution of St. Nicholas’s Church from Costesti village, Ialoveni district to the prevention of child abuse supported by Kerk in Akti. Children proved to be very receptive and enthusiastic. Thus, on 06 March was conducted a seminar “Our family – the little church”, which was led by the priest of the Church ,,St. Nicholas’ and which was attended by all participants, thus being informed about violence and promote children rights of being protected from all types of exploitation. 


Preparing for „Martisor“holiday with cu minors form the Penitentiary no.10 from Goian

At 29.02.2016 the volunteers of “Filocalia” visited the Penitentiary for minors from Goian and organized for them a master class with handmade “martisor” – symbols of spring. Also they created handmade cards for spring holidays. Boys were very interested in the activities; some of them made up to 6 “martisor” for the people they love who shall visit them in the first days of spring. At the end of the visit our ladies – volunteers have prepared homemade pancakes in order to remind them about home and to make their life a little sweeter. Our new volunteers were impressed by the implication of the boys in all the activities. The local tradition say that at the end of March all the “martisor” must be hung on a tree and each “martisor” can help the owner make a wish that shall come true. We really hope that boy’s wishes will come true someday.