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Archive for January, 2017


Last destination of the campaign ,,Be a Santa for someone”

At January 2, volunteers of Filocalia went to 7 socially vulnerable families from Sangera, where kids received presents: toys, sweets, books and for their families – food and hygiene packages. We thank Valeria RusuHellene Sun and Corina Ersov for the contributions and also thanks to the volunteers that have found time to go to this destination.


Campaign “Be a Santa for someone” continues!

On 18 January, the PO Filocalia team went to visit 12 families in Draguseni village, Straseni region. Children have received sweets, fruits, prayer books and magazines for children and their families have received food and hygiene packages. In this action we have been helped by three international volunteers from France and Japan, whom we thank for their involvement.


The event ,,Adopt a smile”!

Around Holly Winter holidays – Corina ERSOV – Filocalia’s volunteer has organized the event “Adopt a Smile”. She, together with some volunteers went to visit elderly from the asylum in Soldanesti region – beneficiaries of Filocalia. They, together with other people of good will who helped organize the event and who contributed with donations brought the smile to 28 elderly eager to sit with someone to listen to their longings and life stories. They were brought clothes, shoes, fruit, sweets, gifts and other things they need. A festive program was organized and our old friends sang along with volunteers and traveled imaginary through the memories of their youth. We bring special thanks to Corina ERSOV and the rest of the volunteers who were involved in this noble and beautiful event.


Continuation of the campaign!

PO Filocalia gratefully thanks the people with big hearts ready to help people in distress! Since at the end of our campaign we have received several donations from people of good faith, the charity campaign “Be Santa for someone”, the sixth edition will continue until January 20. Thereby, we can deliver aid to more beneficiaries than we originally planned, setting another two destinations to which we distribute help. Happy Holidays!!!


Another beautiful destination of the campaign „Be a Santa for someone”, 6 edition

Every year we all expect Santa to bring us joy and presents. But many children and elderly are forgotten, they don’t have this joy. Winter holidays are a great opportunity for Filocalia’s team to bring a smile on people’s faces. This year our last destination was at the North of the country. We whispered to Santa’s ear that there is a village where he is really waited – Zgurita village, Drochia region. Lonely elderly and children full of hope were waiting for the special winter knock at their doors.


Better holidays for 16 families from Zaim village, Causeni

Within the 6 edition of „Be a Santa for someone’s campaign, PO Filocalia visited 16 families from Zaim village, Causeni. The biggest joy for children was to see in reality Santa – for some of them – for the first time. Our volunteers brought big packages with food and hygiene products for the families and for the children – the most awayted toys and sweets given by Santa himself. Children thanked him with nice carols prepared especially for this unique occasion.