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Archive for June, 2017


PO Filocalia already nows that there are so many people with a big heart in this world !

Thanks to a donation of clothes and footwear from several people, we managed to bring joy in the hearts of wonderful children from the village of Costesti, Ialoveni. We are particularly grateful to Cornelia Alhovik from Norway, Corina and Emilia Ersov, Alina Marandici and the good faith people from Costesti village


A day with a lot of sun and information about Japan!

Volunteer Risa Sawada working at PO Filocalia was visiting the children beneficiaries of the Creation Center “St. Filaret the Merciful” near the church. “St. Nicolae”’ from Costesti village, Ialoveni. Together with other local volunteers, she organized for them a master class of origami and interactive activities. Children went on an imaginary journey to Japan, and Risa also presented a traditional Japanese dance at the end. The small artists were impressed by the activities they had carried out and quickly became friends with the international volunteer. We thank Rise for her effort in for organizing such an amazing activity!


For International Children’s day many beneficiaries of PO Filocalia have enjoyed gifts from Switzerland.

On the initiative of a former volunteer of our NGO, who is now living abroad – Elena Maxim, the Moldovan diaspora from Switzerland have gathered toys, sweets, cloths, shoes and hygiene products in order to send them to socially vulnerable families from their home land. From all our hearts we thank those who are far but are thinking about their country and the disadvantaged people. Many thanks to Lupacescu family for their involvement and compassion.


A wonderful and full of new information day for children – beneficiaries of “St. Filaret the Merciful” Creative Center”!

A wonderful and full of new information day for children – beneficiaries of “St. Filaret the Merciful” Creative Center”, near “St. Nicoale” church from Costești village, Ialoveni region. At 10 of June, PO Filocalia has organized an excursion to a big Zooclub from Bardar village. Children had the opportunity to see animals and birds specific to our country but also some exotic ones. Thanks to volunteers Mariana Borta, Alina Marandici and Vadim Borta who managed the event!



“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!” – Tom Robbins

It is natural for June 1st to be the most anticipated day for all children – it is their day. On the International Children’s Day Costesti Touristic Complex have organized a super party for children and for parents named “Childhood – Sweet Dandelion”. This holiday was also attended by beneficiaries of PO Filocalia – children from socially vulnerable families from Costesti village, Ialoveni region and children from socially vulnerable families from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, have enjoyed interesting activities, unexpected surprises, games and a great day with local and international volunteers of our organization. It was a beautiful day, flooded with children with serene faces, sad souls but full of smiles. Of course, on this day there was also a big meal, followed by various sweets. For making this day so special we bring thanks to: Vasille Ciobanu, Gheorghe Diaconu and Elena Diaconu, Mrs. Veronica Bivol, the Borta family from the same locality, and last but not least to our dedicated volunteers.

We wish a joyful holiday to all children!