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Sunny days în Costești

On May 19, PO Filocalia in partnership with the church “St. Nicolas” from Costesti village, Ialoveni prepared donations for 6 solitary elderly and 4 families with many children from the locality. Experienced volunteers and newcomers went home to the beneficiaries of Filocalia. This visit was also an educational one: the veteran volunteers of Filocalia showed by their own example that when you cross the threshold of needy families or lonely elders, it is not enough just to give them the gifts. Sometimes it is more important to have a moral presence with these people who encounter difficulties in life, with a good word, a moment of open-hearted listening. This activity was planned on the occasion of Costesti village holiday. We thank the volunteers who decided on Sunday to dedicate their time to the welfare of others: Vadim Bortă, Mariana Bortă, Gabriel Ceapă, Diana Ursu and Ina Marandici. On 22 May there is celebrated the Day of the Village of Costești. The children from the “Sf. The Filaret the Merciful organised an exhibition with works made by them. The have been deeply impressed by the talent of the Center’s beneficiaries. An equally interesting moment was the a master class, which welcomed everyone. The most wonderful thing is that the sanctuary and the yard of the church were full of children.


Results of the campaign „Buds of hope”

One more spring, one more successful social campaign.

From the 20 of February until the 30 of April PO Filocalia developed the social campaign ”Buds of hope”. The campaign’s beneficiaries were more than 60 elderly (solitary elderly, burdened with material deprivation); 35 socially vulnerable families and 380 children from the following localities of the country:

  • Chișinău
  • Cărpineni, Hâncești
  • Costești, Ialoveni
  • Șoldănești
  • Zgurița, Drochia
  • Coșnița, Dubăsari
  • Drăgușeni, Strășeni
  • Goian
  • Hârbovăț, Călărași

During the spring campaign, activities were held both for  “Marţişor” feast and  also for Easter holidays.

The social campaign of Martisor had as heroes some young people who decided to get involved actively. We take the opportunity to thank them. We start the list of thanks with our dear teacher Alina Marandici for her dedication and the successes in her work with children from the decorative art workshop in the “St. Filaret the Merciful” Social Center. We also want to thank those who have decided to buy charity symbols of spring: Tatiana Chirilenco (Chemonics Company), Ilia Sorocean, Cristina Pascari, Margarita Ursu, Elena Rudoi, Nadejda Mocanu, Daniela Reabcinschi (Beauty Salon DIONA), Tatiana Kuzminov, Vasile Cepoi and Victor Buzatu (BioVic company).

A beautiful activity in this campaign was the action – “A MARTISOR makes the spring!”, through which we managed to offer a great day and a smile to elderly from Soldanesti Asylum and the beneficiaries from the village of Carpineni, Hancesti (they received martisors a s gifts, they also made them within a master class and they received clothes, sweets and fruits and hygiene of first necessity).
In Carpineni we combined two activities: we made martisors with the children of the Boarding School and donated them together with the children to socially vulnerable elderly people from the same locality.
On Easter we went several times to women with children in prison “Pruncul” near the capital, they received various gifts for them and the children and were involved in spring master classes. Also on Easter holidays we went to our old friends – minors from Goian penitentiary, with activities and gifts.

Between April 19-23, PO Filocalia successfully participated in the Easter Fair “Easter with Flowers” at the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” with children’s works. We want to thank this loyal partner for encouraging charity activities and for the long-term cooperation we have.

Also this year, for the first time, we were invited to participate in a charity fair at the high school “Iulia Hasdeu” from the capital. The works of children from the social centers of Filocalia were very much appreciated by the school students, parents and teachers.

We thank all those involved, Galina and Igor Mija for the donation of food products, Mrs. Maria Ciliuţă, the diaspora from Belgium and especially Bogdan Ciobanu, Cristina Ciobanu, the active volunteers: Sebastian Balamatiuc, Delepeev Silvia, Elena Bortă, Anastasia Sprâncean, Paul Vrabie, David Arina.