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„The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”   (Oscar Wilde)

Winter holidays are the ones that bring joy to everyone, it is the time of gifts, beautiful childhood memories and of tomorrow’s hopes. It is the celebration when we open our hearts, which is why the Association “FILOCALIA” comes with the desire to make people happier, more fulfilled and less sad and lonely and invites you to join us. Together we can give them a brighter Christmas.

This year we are at the 9 edition of the wonderful campaign „be a santa for someone!”, initiated the 20 of November 2019 and lasting until 7 of January 2020. The campaign has as a purpose to support people in need, to involve children in various charity actions, by involving them and also by promoting volunteering as a form of civic activism.
This year’s beneficiaries of our campaign are 500 children, 30 families and 60 elderly from the following localities: Costeşti, Ialoveni; Coşniţa, Dubăsari, Zguriţa, Drochia, Hârbovăţ, Călăraşi, Drăguşeni, Redeni, Străşeni, Cotiujenii Mari, Şoldăneşti, Sângerei, Șoldanești, Chişinău, Comrat, Carpineni, Hâncești.


Project launching

In November 2019, PA ”Filocalia” have launched a new ambitious project, this time with an accent on non-formal education. The project Inclusive non-formal education – key for a better life and opportunities for children in risk situations from the rural areas of the Republic of Moldova” is a pilot project that, depending on its success, will be replicated in other localities from Moldova. The main purpose of the project comes from its name and the objectives are multiple:

-        To involve young people in artistic and cultural activities (visiting museums, theatres; some local successful businesses);

-       To equip Filocalia’s Social center’s workshops with materials needed for their good functioning;

-       To organize awareness campaigns and to offer material help to marginalized people;

-       To complete the national Curriculum for pupils of 7 and 8 grades with useful practical subjects for the young generation. The subjects will be taught in a few schools from different parts of the country within the lesson „Personal development”, by professional trainers.