Another winter, another warming heart Campaign over, already traditional for PA “Filocalia”.
What we enjoy the most is the fact that we feel the impact we make; for several years now, we have been planning to bring joy and reach out to a certain number of beneficiaries and the last few years we succeed in helping more people than initialy planned. And this was possible only thanks to YOU, to those who care and who get involved. This is why our success is the success of the whole community.
This year (in the 8 edition of the campaign), 525 children, 45 families, 49 lonely elderly benefited from gifts, clothes, footwear, hygiene items and food products. The partners who joined us in this initiative and to whom we are deeply grateful were: CIE “Moldexpo”, the bakery “Oxmarpan” from Costesti, Ialoveni, the translation company “Intart Design” (Natalia and Sergiu Conovca), “Moldo Crescendo ”(Marcel Lazăr), the mayoralty of the villages Zgurița and Costești, ”Credit bureau” SRL, BSD Management Company,“Fidanjik” Center from Comrat, Bălățel family from Drăgușeni village, Strășeni,“M. Eminescu” lyceum from Chisinau, in the person of teacher Silvia Țurcanu, Boarding school no. 7 from the capital (Cristina Gârdev), Penitentiary no. 13 (Tudor Moraru).

In addition to the partners, we have also benefited from sponsorships, both financially and through material donations. Here thanks from all our heart and good thoughts go to: Alexandra Orlova, Fatih Ermihan, Tatiana Corcevaia, Igor and Elena Popov, Bogdan Ciobanu and Alina Loboda, Parascovia Bivol, Stefan Petrea, Andrei Luca, Cristina Ciobanu, Cristina and Sorin Hanganu, Alex and Svetlana Ciubuc, Elena Surugiu, Dmitrii Teterea, Arcadie Albul, Alexei Ursachi, Ilia Sorocean, Olga Rudic and Anastasia Kulikovscaia.
And as it is well known, APA “Filocalia” would not be so successful without a basic element: our volunteers! Many big thanks for those who helped us do beautiful things in this campaign: Cristina Borjac and Sebastian Balamatiuc, Mariana Madan, Larisa Erșov, Elena Munteanu, Vadim Bortă and Elena Lungu, Tatiana Gherasim, Ivan Cara, Alexei and Mihaela Ursachi, Natalia Mija, Eugen Midoni, Gabriel and Nicoleta Ceapă, Tudor Avraam and all the children from the artistic workshops of the Social Center “St. Filaret the merciful” from Costești village, Ialoveni.
One last, important thank you we say to our dear teachers: Mariana Bortă, Alina Marndici and Victoria Bălățel.
We wish you all a productive year, with peace, well-being and health. May you have th best and thank you repeatedly for deciding to involve and offer to those who needed support.

“The wisdom of life is simple: When you leave a place, let it be better then before you came there.” (Nicolae Iorga)