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“On the floor of twigs children bring in hands the stars / Let them leave their houses and sing carols for the goodhearted neighbors” This is a beautiful carol we all enjoyed in our trip to the last Northern point on the map of Moldova – Lipcani region. Not with stars in our hands, but with gifts and home made food, we drove on January 2nd to bring carols for the minors from the Penitentiary no. 2.

The hosts this time also enjoyed our visit. The carols provided by our volunteers, members of the Ensemble “Anastasyos” from Costesti village – Cristina Borta, Tatiana Borta and Juliana Grigorita delighted not only prisoners but also staff members. They all seemed to like the singing, no treats from the holiday table were served, and nothing convinced young people to start eating until the girls have finished with their carols.
During this visit we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful priest – Father Adrian, who takes care of the boys’ souls through his work, reeducating them, trying to help them and give them hope for a brighter future.

Our visit took place within the campaign “Be a Santa for someone!” We thank from all our heart Munteanu family for preparing great dishes for the boys from Penitentiary. We hope our gifts, carols and the magic of the holiday season brought closer Lipcani youth and helped them forget about the lack of family affection in this special time of the year.