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It seems that poverty runs to villages far from the capital, to villages forgotten by the world, but it is not like this. On 18th of January, „Filocalia” went with donations to the vulnerable families from Sangera region, Chisinau. Here we saw houses far from being called modest, but we also saw, by contrast, houses that seem to have hundreds years and ready to fall on the heads of the joyful children who live in them. Mainly to these children we came with gifts and kindness in the middle of January. We have found some of them smiling and shy, others – curious and excited, but also others – injured by firecrackers exploded on the night of the New Year. But one case of a family left us in deep heart pain. We went to a family with 3 children, to be told that there are only 2 of them left. One – the biggest – committed suicide because of his family’s poverty … We can not change the world in a month and not even in a year maybe, but we must try not to be indifferent. We must open wide our eyes and look at those for whom poverty has become a burden too heavy to bear. PO “Filocalia” promotes love for others and urges all of you, who read us, to join us and together to try to paint the world in brighter colors.
This was the last destination of the Christmas campaign, organized by the NGO “Filocalia” and in this context, we thank all who were involved with aid from our dear volunteers who brought clothes, books and toys and finishing with legal persons – General sponsors of the campaign. Kindness, gives life a meaning, linking people’s life events with each other harmoniously.