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We are very glad when we succeed in our campaigns to help more beneficiaries than we originally planned. “Be a Santa Claus for someone!”Campaign was held between 19.11.12 – 19.01.2013, during the holiday season, and aimed to collect donations in any form for socially vulnerable children and elderly from rural regions of the country and also for children with mental and physical disabilities from Chisinau and Harbovat special school for deaf children.
This year we had a general sponsor of our campaign, which helped us to offer better holydays for many disadvantaged people. In this context we thank the National Network of stores “Linella” for financial support and for organizing a memorable holiday for 30 children from the social center “Pacuras” from Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti region.
One thing that also made us to be more motivated in everything we do, was the contribution of those who are thousands miles away from Moldova, yet still thinking of her and the needy people from here. Special thanks for the financial support to Corneliu Calancea – a person, who for many years is abroad, but with his heart, is home and who follows on-line our activities. It’s not complicated to make a good thing and it is not necessary to be a millionaire to help others, the important thing is to want it and be sensitive to others’ problems. We can not help all the needy, but campaigns organized by NGO “Filocalia” are a good example of the fact that there are more and more, every year people of good will who want to get involved, and this persuades us that We are a nation with a big heart…
The generosity of those who contributed to our campaign had helped:
• 25 children form auxiliary boarding school No.5 in Chisinau
• 20 young people from the Community Centre for Children and Youth with Physical Disabilities
• 20 children from the kindergarten “St. Stelian” from Costesti village, Ialoveni
• 70 socially vulnerable children from Costesti village, Ialoveni
• 122 children from boarding special school for deaf children from the village of Harbovat, Calarasi region
• 25 children from the social center “House of Hope” from Cosnita village, Dubasari
• 10 solitary elderly from Cosnita village, Dubasari
• 30 children from the social center “Pacuras” from Cotiujenii mari, Soldanesti region
• 45 children from the village Draguseni, Straseni
• 34 young people from the Penitentiary no. 2 from the locality Lipcani, Briceni region
• 8 vulnerable families from Zgurita village, Drochia
• 11 families with many children from the village Tepilova, Soroca region
• 15 elderly from the Asylum of Calaraseuca village, Ocnita region
• 4 families with many children from Sangera, Chisinau region
Thanks all for your active participation: Administration of the Commercial Center “MallDOVA”, partners – Inga Grigoriu with the Creation Lab “Caroussel”, management and children from Community center for children and youth with disabilities from Chisinau, management, teachers, parents and children from kindergarten “St. Stelian” from Costesti village, Ialoveni, carol singers in the choir “Anastasyos” from Costesti, Ialoveni, teachers from the boarding school no. 5 from the capital; management, teachers and students from the Experimental High School “Waldorf” from Chisinau, the church “St. Nicholae” from Costesti village, Ialoveni (Priest Vasile Ciobanu), church “St. Valeriu the Martyr” from Chisinau (Priest Valeriu Bazatin) individuals: Izverschi family, Munteanu family, Mihai Mogaldea, Corneliu Calancea, Cristina Ciobanu, Inga Vrancean, Veronica Minciuna and several others who wished to remain anonymous. And last but not least we embrace our dear volunteers, without whom this campaign would not have succeeded so well.
Kindness has no limits and increases with each new attempt that life has prepared for us. The more we experience and appreciate the goodness, the more harmony we bring into our lives!
“Filocalia” wishes everyone a beautiful 2013 full of great events and we want to know you near to us in our events in the coming year, for a greater impact in the society in which we live.