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On February 6 we, the “Filocalia” team, with our dear volunteers, have spent an unforgettable day with pupils form Boarding school for deaf children from Harbovat village, Calarasi region. First impression is that the school is at the end of the world, forgotten by all, at crossroads, in the middle of the woods. But when we approached the entrance of the institution, we have seen many joyful and smiling faces at the windows. We met children and teachers who do not seem to be too often spoiled by guests. Over 40 children came together into the technological education room, and were divided into groups and trained in several master-classes by the volunteers. The more mature boys made manual cards and learned new forms of hand made gifts. The smaller participants made decorative bracelets with roses from special paper and cards on quelling technology.
For culinary workshop from the boarding school we brought food supplies and, being on the path to the Spring holidays, we brought materials for pupils, who, inspired by the master-classes, would prepare small decorative gifts for their parents.
Although the children from this institution have a hearing and speech disability, contrary to our expectations – to find ourselves in a world of peace and silence, they were very excited and tried to communicate with us with different sounds. We were very inspired by this particular trip. We all had to learn something from each other. We learned a few general words used in sign language. When we said goodbye, each of us has “shown” in sign his own name, making a great contact with the curious children who were also studying us. We look forward to future meetings with these wonderful children, to socialize with them and also to learn the art of communication through smiles…