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For some years PO “Filocalia” has a special friendship with the Boarding school no.5 from Chisinau. In November 2011, at the second floor of the institutions a playing room was equipped. Here children of different age with mental disabilities have the possibility to participate at ludotherapy lessons (therapy through games), developing their basic abilities. In the same period, a team of volunteers was created and instructed to spend time with children involving them in different ludic activities.
After the winter vacation, on January 18th, our organization’s volunteers returned to the old habbit of visiting the pupils from the boarding school. Twice a week, volunteers of different age come to socialize with the children, in order to help them get out of the day by day routine, and to contribute at their mental development. We thank to those who decided to offer some of their spare time for inspiring, making friendships and for bringing a smile on the faces of these special kids.