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During the period from 20 February to 20 March 2013, PO “Filocalia” will conduct a campaign for collecting any material aid (food products, hygiene products, clothes etc.) for solitary and disabled elderly, entitled “Help a grandparent to smile “.

The campaign aims to provide moral and material support to elderly in difficult situations and people with disabilities who have material difficulties. We are accustomed for years to see around us elders who no longer see a meaning of their life.
We all have grandparents or relatives, or neighbors of third age. Many of them are alone, abandoned, forgotten by all. There was a time they were young, many had a family, which, however, considering them a burden, left them.
In Moldova the average monthly pension for elderly is about 700 lei. In this context the urban population living wage in 2012 was on average 1600.7 lei, or 18.4% more than in rural areas – 1351.8 lei. That would mean that the majority of old people live in deep poverty. Even more serious is the situation of people with disabilities who do not have access to infrastructure and social services.
During this campaign we aim to provide support for at least 150 beneficiaries, the elderly in:
• Drăguşeni of Straseni s,
• Big Cotiujenii r s Soldanesti
• s Drochia slag,
• s Ţepilova of Soroca,
• Călărăşeuca s, r Ocnita
• Cosnita, Dubasari
• Sângera Chisinau.
We urge you to join us in this charitable initiative!
Location for collection: Sfatul Tarii Street 27, office 12, Chisinau,
Tel / Fax: 022 234 274, mobile 068480403