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On 24 February 2013, PO “Filocalia” team along with 10 dedicated volunteers went across the Dniester river to our dear friends – children from socially vulnerable families from Cosnita village, Dubasari.
21 little ones expected us at the Social center “House of Hope”. From the beginning we knew this is going to be a special fairy tale day for all of us…
Being at noon, we have decided to serve children with a hot meal, offered with love by the church “St. Dumitru” from Chisinau (parish – Pavel Borşevschi). Once they have enjoyed the pies, meat balls and candies, our small hosts were ready to play. “Filocalia” team did not come empty-handed to the children, but with books, pencils, fruits, biscuits and chocolates.
The purpose of our visit was actually to help children prepare a beautiful celebration of Mother’s day – the 8 of March. After an hour of dancing, games, competitions and sketches, animated by different heroes (roles which were played by volunteers in costumes), we made bracelets with roses and cards for beloved mothers, grandparents etc.
Joy accompanied children all day and infected us also. We left them in the evening full of positive energy, emotions and great memories. We have seen once again that it is not so hard to make a child feel happy. It requires desire, involvement, kindness and empathy. And these qualities are entirely specific to our volunteers, for which we thank them.