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PO “Filocalia” team is always going to Cosnita village, Dubasari region with great pleasure. First of all because here we have our good, old friends from the social center “House of hope”. On March 7th, before the International Women’s day, we have decided, along with five loyal volunteers to go to that place with many activities. We prepared a gift for the social center – 2 panels with photographs of the Center’s activity collected over the years.
Arriving at the destination, we were greeted by 22 elderly attending the social center with a nice meal (each of them have brought what they could). Letting them serve the prepared dishes, we decided to go to the houses of lonely elderly. It was a very moving experience, as usual. From some houses we were getting out with tears in our eyes, but with the heart at peace, because we had managed to bring a smile on the faces of these people left to their fate. Talking with the elders, we remembered about our own grandparents, and understood once again, that these people do not need wealth – their wealth is to have someone around to exchange a word with … Going from house to house we have listened to songs, we were recited poems, and were told wise words, but we were so sad to see these people so burdened by the weight of years…
When we distributed all packages, we returned to the Social Center, where the 22 elders were already waiting for us with presents: national traditional “martisors” crocheted by themselves and willing to give us a great performance of old songs. Accompanied by an accordionist, ladies sang us many songs of both – joy and sorrow. And because we were so close to the celebration of women’s day, we have brought presents for all the ladies and have decided to make all together creative handmade cards and to finish the day by creating together with all present a decorative “Tree of Hope”, so it remains as a memory souvenir of our visit to those of the “House of Hope”.
It was a successful day full of activities. After such a journey, each of us can answer YES to the question: “Did You do something today to change the world for the better?”.
In this trip we had with us as a sponsor the national network of shops “Linella”, which this time did not remain indifferent to our call to help people and donated, in addition to food provisions, some cakes and fresh pies, which enjoyed not only the elders of Cosnita village, but also our beneficiaries from Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti region. But about this journey will write her impressions our new volunteer, Cristina Moloman, in the following article.
Finally, we thank the new volunteer of PO “Filocalia” – Dumitru Caminschi – for active involvement, responsiveness and for having a kind word for each of the elders that we have visited.