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On the International Women’s Day, PO “Filocalia” team and several volunteers – Ursachi Alexei and Mihaela brothers, Bejan Doina and me – Moloman Cristina, within the campaign “Help a grandfather smile”, decided to make a small celebration and bring sunshine into the houses of some vulnerable people from Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti region. We thank for the financial support of Corneliu Calancea – a person with a big heart, which, although left Moldova, do not forget the hard life faced by our elders.
We are in 21st century, but today people are slaves of their old age needs … our grandparents. All they have in common is “the need”, the lack of care that they once offered unconditionally to their children.
Knocking on the doors of several houses, some solitary grandparents met us with a smile, while others greeted us with tears in their eyes – tears of happiness because someone stepped into their house and asked about their life…
Elders welcomed us with open arms and some of them told us the story of their lives. One can write a book based on those stories. Everyone seemed to have a story to tell, but every story was different.
Some elders recognized that they did not find purpose in this world anymore, because for many of them solitude is the ultimate sentence. All were young, most had a family, but currently “whole family” exists only in their souls, and the reality is different: children are abroad and have their own lives, considering their parents as a burden.
We must learn to respect and tolerate those around us and to help those who need support. Certainly we also will reach old age and will need to be surrounded by loved ones, feel their love. We have to consider that many people around us really need the help, and not a material one. It is enough to change a word with them. Then they would feel fulfilled.
Let’s start changing the world for the better. Open your hearts and let’s give a hand. Let’s help a grandparent to smile!
Cristina Moldoman, Filocalia volunteer