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This week, in a sunny day of March 13, we decided to visit children from auxiliary school no. 5 from the capital. We went to them with a fun program, but also with interesting information – Lent habits from 3 countries: Russia, Germany and Moldova.

Easter Bunny came early this year to help prepare children for entry into Lent. According to Russian tradition volunteers and children have made ​​some stuffed dolls and told stories about taking them away, as a symbol of “cruel” winter being sent away. And in order not to bore children with too many words, we transformed the playing room’s space into a carnival by making masks, dancing and playing.

To crown this beautiful day and not to stray from tradition, we’ve decided to finish the event on a sweet note with … pancakes. We hope to stay in the hearts of these great children, as they have stayed in ours. And we hope they have gained new and interesting knowledge about the traditions of this period.