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Colonita is a village in the municipality of Chisinau, at a distance of only 8 km from the capital. But here are needy elderly who need moral and financial support that AO “Filocalia” offers with pleasure.
On April 5 we went with local volunteers, and also with international volunteers to visit grandparents from this region and provide them with clothes and food, but also with a good word. Some of them were bedridden for many years, others were lonely, others bent by the burden and weight of years, but still we have found them working in the garden, getting ready for spring.
One of the old ladies from our list has recently died and we have decided to donate her food package to a needy family with 5 children.
Important for us is to be useful, no matter who we help. “Man without mercy is like a fountain without water”.
Thanks Ana Meriacre from Costesti village, Ialoveni region for donations of clothes for the needy elderly within the campaign „Help a grandparent to smile.”