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Today, April 9, 2013, through our visit to Tepilova village, Soroca regon, we have completed our campaign for elderly – “Help a grandparent to smile.” The campaign took longer than initially was expected because this winter wanted at all costs to stay longer in Moldova. End of February and the first half of March, the northern region of the country slumbered under the fluffy blanket of snow and we were not able to go with goods prepared for our elderly in time. What is important, however, is that we managed to distribute packages for 150 lonely, socially vulnerable or bedridden elderly. We saw tears in the eyes of these people; we heard many sad stories, stories from the time of the world wars and hunger, but also beautiful wishes and sincere thanks.
We are pleased that our volunteers have once again proved involvement, activism and civic responsibility. We thank them for helping us morally and physically during this event of soul.
Also we thank our already loyal sponsors – the network of shops “Linella”. Hopefully much rumored motto today: “Let’s be better!” will be one that will find its echo in the hearts of other people of good will in the future.
The campaigns organized by NGO “Filocalia” aim to aid vulnerable people from our country, but also social awareness about major issues in Moldova. We hope that this goal was achieved this time as all the previous times.
Big thanks to Poste of Moldovei, shop “Etat”, church “St. Nicolae” from Costesti, Ialoveni region, also to the volunteers: Corneliu Calancea, Cristina Moloman, Valeria Mironov, Ana Meriacre, Veronica Minciuna, Nicolae Chetrari, Corina Gutu, Cristina Perebicovschi.