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One sunny Sunday, at April 21, 5 brave volunteers of PO “Filocalia” went for a full day to visit the wonderful children at the special boarding school for deaf children from Harbovat village, Calarasi region. Pupils greeted us as usually with happy faces at the windows of the Institution. We came again this time with innovative ideas of original master-classes. The children were divided into five teams and each of them worked creatively on Easter theme. At the end of the day all the children had one work of their own, but also a collective work – a basket of hand made eggs – which we have decided to take with us to the annual Easter exhibition from Chisinau.
After work comes the reward. Before leaving our little friends, we have spent another hour playing with them in the yard under the gentle spring sun, after which each of the 100 pupils has received a chocolate egg related to the approaching Easter holidays.