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Summer vacation is the time when children are happier, but this is not exactly so for children from socially vulnerable families who are assigned to work hard and see more closely the sadness of their families’ poverty. PO “Filocalia” gather 2 times per week over 30 needy children into the yard of the church “St. Nicholas” from Costesti village, Ialoveni region where they spend about 3 hours a day with a lot of fun. Local volunteers and those from Chisinau, but also international volunteers come to spend time with these wonderful children weekly. Summer lessons begin at the attic of the social center near the church, by presenting homework in an original way, followed by games with questions and answers and a new interesting informative material presented by volunteers. Then start the competitions, games and amusements of all kinds for all those present. At the end of each day spent together, children receive fruit, biscuits, sweets and ice cream from the Priest of “St. Nicholas” church from Costesti village.
We thank for active involvement the local volunteers and for helping children to feel a happy childhood even in small doses in a positive environment where all young people working with them put their heart and soul into what they do. And thank to Chisinau and international volunteers who come and share their experiences with the children that are always ready to listen to them with great interest.