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During summer children do not attend school. Summer days are long. In summer the water in lakes is warm. During summer nights the sky is full of stars and the crickets sing. Summer is the season of childhood. Most of us have the best memories of childhood during the summer holidays. Namely this was the purpose of our visit to Cosnita village on August 7, 2013: to create some beautiful memories of the 25 children who were waiting for us at the Social Center “House of Hope”.
Children admitted that for them holidays are not only plays and entertainment, but also helping their parents. But the visit of Filocalia team was a reason for them to be “liberated” from responsibilities for a few hours to enjoy their childhood with association’s volunteers.
Who said that in summer children do not learn? Our little friends have had a real lesson about Chinese culture from our volunteer Valeria Mironov, who was for a month in this country, involved in a project for youth. Children had an original presentation with images of China and Chinese music, food and culture. This was followed by a master class – making paper origami. Particularly it seemed fun for children trying to use Chinese chopsticks to take as many sunflower seeds on a plate.
There was a small snack prepared by volunteers and of course the most expected games. And the cherry on the cake was the remedy that never fails for children: ice cream!
Visiting Cosnita village’s children always brings us joy. We took advantage of our presence there to invite children to the event to be held on August 25 in the Park “Rose Valley” within the campaign “Help the bell to ring for each child.”