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Dear friends of Filocalia, we are happy to announce that the donations that you all have brought for our charity August campaign started to be distributed to our little beneficiaries from the villages of Moldova.
Yesterday, the 26 of August Filocalia team went to Draguseni village, Straseni region. Our meeting took place in the building of the kindergarten, because the school was under the last preparations for the 1st of September.
The 25 children gathered at the kindergarten were waiting for us with patience; very shy, but very curious to see what we have brought for them. Thanks to the generosity of those who helped us in this campaign, we succeeded to bring to the little ones all the necessary supplies for the school year, but also sweets. Some of them have even found the courage to recite a poem, others were just attentively watching us. But all of them gave us the right answers to our simple questions about grammar and mathematics.
After visiting these children, we went to visit at their homes 3 families with many children who live in very poor conditions. We have offered them clothes, school supplies, sweets, products and hygienic packages.
The happiness of these children that we saw today on their faces while receiving the donations, made us once again understand the use of this campaign and, this is why we deeply encourage You to participate. We continue to gather school supplies at our office on 27 Sfatul Tarii Street, office 12.