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On 28 and 29 of August, the team of PO “Filocalia” with school supplies, but also with sweets, hygienic products and food products went to visit pupils from families with many children in selected localities.
Although we had torrential rains the 2 days, we went to several places: Cosnita village, at the local high school; Calarasi region, villages Sipoteni and Bahmut, and our old friends – beneficiaries fro Grozesti village, Nisporeni region. Everywhere children were waiting for us, knowing that we are going to bring them backpacks with school supplies and everything needed for a new school year. For those who had smaller siblings at home, we have brought various sweets, books, clothes and toys collected from donations gathered at the organization’s headquarter. We were, as usual, accompanied by our dear volunteers, who were impressed by the beautiful meeting. We thank them for their help and their time dedicated to a noble cause.
We also thank the Company ” Hornet MIG ” from Chisinau, who donated chocolates and made our visit more pleasent for the children, bringing smiles on their faces.