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On August 31, PO “Filocalia ” and two brave volunteers visited 3 families with many children from Sangera region, near Chisinau. We went there, as usual, with food parcels and hygiene products, school supplies and candies for children, and clothes for those experiencing financial difficulties.
It was a happy day for children receiving gifts, but a sad one for us from “Filocalia”. We were deeply impressed by the dire poverty of these families where 4 to 6 children grow. We have heard stories that broke our hearts, narrated by our companion, originating from Sangera who guided us to the houses of these people in need.
We visited a family that impressed us deeply … 5 children who live in a house about to fall down, where as furniture they have a table and two mattresses where all five children sleep. They don’t have a mother and their father is working hard to be able to feed them at least once a day … We have remember the words of St. Thomas: ” Poverty means you miss some things, while misery means you miss the basic things .”
After Sangera we went to 3 families of beneficiaries from Chisinau. There we also brought things pupils need to start a school year. Also in the town we came across a family and their condition marked us deeply: a single mother who grows six children, all living in a tiny apartment took in rent. She cleans up the neighbors’ apartments to be able to feed her children who, otherwise, have success in school, and the oldest boy is even a medalist in sports.
Maybe we haven’t changed the fate of anyone today, but at least we have tried to contribute by helping school children, because education is still a hope for their better future…
We thank our volunteer Valeria Mironov, who was with us on several trips and helped us to separate the donated clothes by age, which allowed us to help those people who really needed them.