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October is the time of rains and the cold that already comes into its rights and involuntarily appears desire to hide under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea in our hands. But still there are some sunny days when everyone can enjoy the golden autumn colors…
Whatever time is beyond the window, volunteers of PO ” Filocalia ” are always involved in charitable activities . With a lot of dedication, passion and desire to be useful, they participate at various activities of the organization depending on the spare time they have. This month, we wanted to promote the idea of development of children through art, by organizing a series of master-classes with autumn decoration theme: various compositions using leafs in different artistic techniques, also creative painting and collage etc.
And because it’s a new school year, we restarted ludotherapy traditional lessons, spent weekly by volunteers with children with mental disabilities from the Auxiliary Boarding School no. 5 from the capital.
In October we also celebrate the Day of Chisinau. And because the local authorities know and admire the works of talented children attending our Social centers, every year they allocate a space in the center of our town to expose the works done by our beneficiaries . This year we had with us a few volunteers who have demonstrated mastery of artistic skills, experimenting with new techniques, creating unique autumn compositions, which we have also exposed for sale at the exhibition in the heart of the capital. Money raised from the sale exhibition were distributed the young beneficiaries of the Social centers and the money from the works made by our volunteers will be used to purchase sweets for our next visit with a master-class, this time for the children attending Cosnita village’ Social center.
We want our team of volunteers to increase steadily and to continue to make great things together. We are very proud of them, we cherish them and say a big “thank you” that we are together and that they believe in what they do.