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Public Association ”Filocalia”, in partnership with Public Association “Надежда и будущее”, are initiating the project Developing artistic and professional skills in children from socially vulnerable families from  Speia village, Grigoriopol region, based on the experience of PO “Filocalia” on the right border of Nistru river, which will be developed between 11 of November 2013 and 10 of November 2014 with the financial support of the Program EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures”

The project, in total sum of 27930 USA dolars is part of the Program EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” and has as main goal the promotion of trust among children and young people from both banks of Nistru river through education: professional education, civic education, education in spirit of tolerance, moral education.

In this respect, in the School from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, three workshops will be created (carpentry, tailoring and decorative art), whose direct beneficiaries will be 45 children from socially vulnerable families from the village. Since the workshops are designed for children and young people to practice folk art subject or, at least their work will be linked to popular national treasure, we have chosen this theme to create the cultural dialogue that will bind young people from the two sides of Nistru River. Together they will participate at trainings, will exhibit their works at exhibitions and fairs organized by PO Filocalia, will go together to the theatre and various excursions.

By sharing the cultural experience children from both banks will be able to recognize common cultural values, especially popular traditions. Due to instructional workshops and seminars youth and children from socially vulnerable families from the village of Speia will gain some useful skills for their professional future and will be more actively involved in the community development.” believes Ana Pascari, the President of the NGO “Надежда и будущее”.

All activities will take place in close collaboration with teachers, volunteers and beneficiaries of the workshops sponsored by PO “Filocalia” from the right bank of Nistru River. We hope to eliminate the barriers existing between these young people.

Person in charge:

Elena Munteanu, Project assistant from PO Filocalia:, mobile +37369538762

Ana Pascari, President of PO “Надежда и будущее”: , +37377930932