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On Saturday, the 7th of December, PO “Filocalia” in partnership with NGO “Надежда и будущее” from the left side of Nistru river, have launched the Project “Development of creative and professional skills of children from socially vulnerable families from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, given the experience of PO “Filocalia” on the right bank of Nistru river”, which runs from November 11, 2013 until November 10, 2014 with the financial support from the EU- UNDP Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” .

The event took place at the school of Speia village, children – beneficiaries of the project were present, also teachers from the school, partners of PO “Надежда и будущее” and our volunteers.

Children from Speia greeted us with a festive program, showing us that the love and the joy of childhood is the same on both banks. An improvised exhibition was organized in the hall of the festivities room and all those present had the opportunity to admire the manual works done by children from Speia. In turn, the volunteers, many of them former beneficiaries of PO “Filocalia” , exhibited works made ​​by children in creative workshops sponsored by PO Filocalia.

Our top gift for children from Speia consisted of four master-classes where the children could make a first step towards the creative activity of the project: colored ribbon bracelets, hand made greeting cards, cardboards, stitching little Gifts and Christmas cards made with special painting on glass. Children were excited about the proposed activities; their questions if we will visit them also tomorrow were for us the best indicator. The following two weeks we expect children to manufacture other works, to be presented at the exhibitions where PO “Filocalia” is involved during the winter holidays: Christmas Fair 2014 at Exhibition International center Moldexpo ( December 21 till 29 ) and in three stores Linella ( December 27 till 30).

At the end of our meeting all the children have participated to a collective work, they have decorated a Christmas tree with symbolic decorations made by the children.

Also for our volunteers, the visit to Speia was special, many of them being for the first time on the left bank. After the event, they have visited the Museum the school, where we could admire traditional works and other vestiges of local popular culture. Volunteers of PO “Filocalia” have already expressed their willingness to participate in other activities with children and young people from Speia: “Speia children are very talented, ambitious and brave in the work they do. We can see that children are interested to learn new things and local teachers are opened for the exchange of experience. I hope to have more opportunities to come again” (Valeria Mironov, Volunteer of PO “Filocalia”)

This event was the beginning of our bridge of trust across the Nistru river, the bridge to be strengthened and built by the future activities of the project.