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We think that the most effective and nice way to develop the personalities of young poeple is to nurture their motivation to get involved in volunteering activities. Having this in mind, on December 21, 19 young people coming from the Left Bank of Nistru River (Speia village, Grigoriopol district) and 14 coming from the Right Bank, attended the training „Get involved as a volunteer to help bring change”, where they learned about the general aspects of this activity, and especially about the participation of volunteers in a social service.

At the training, the participants created the portait of a volunteer and learned about volunteering as an activity across the world as well as on the Right Bank and Left Bank of Nistru River. The attendees also learned games promoting collaboration and teamwork, took part in debates and discussed the practical aspects of volunteer involvement. An overview on the most important campaigns and initiatives of AO Filocalia was presented to the young participants, together with the activities of the project „Development of the creative abilities of the children from unpriveleged families from Speia village, Grigoriopol district, based on the experience accumulated by AO Filocalia” on the Right Bank of Nistru river, projec in which the volunteers would further get involved.

A special moment of the training were the presentations given by the volunteers of AO Filocalia, Valeria Mironov and Mariana Morari. Valeria talked about her involvement in volunteering activities while Mariana gave advice to the young people on the behaviour and responsabiltiies of a volunteer and on the work with people with disabilities.

We were extremely glad to see that at the end of the training the young people were exchanging contact details among themselves. The day proved to be beautiful and productive, and the impressions shared by the praticipants prove this:

„I liked very much how we were received by the volunteers from Chisinau. I liked as well the project with the purpose of helping the children coming from unpriveleged families from Speia village, Grigoriopol district. I also liked the games of Natalia Matei and the dance of Mariana Morari. And I liked the lunch: thank you, it was very tasty! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and we are waiting for you to come visit again.”

„Today’s training was wonderful. Till today I did not know some things and I am pleased that I took part in this training. I learned new things, like how to build a tower in a team. We were diveded in groups and it was super. Today I met new students from Costesti village, Ialoveni district and from Chisinau. I am pleased with this day.”

Already nn Monday, December 23, a few of the new volunteers had the chance to work for the first time together, when AO Filocalia team went to Speia village to bring Christmas presents to 10 unpriveleged families from the village. The visit was part of the campaign „Be a Santa for someone” which is annually organized by the Association.

This project is being implemented by AO “Filocalia” and AO “Надежда и будущее”, with the assistance of the Programme ” Support to Confidence Building Measures” founded by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to confidence building between both Banks of Nistru River by involving local authorities, civil society organizations, the business community and other stakeholders, as well as through ensuring economic and social development of local communities.