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There are days when you must take care of your soul. There are days when things around you become immaterial while you are flying above the clouds with unprecedented exaltation. Such a day happened at Chiperceni. In a country where the signs of global warming are being noticeable, Chiperceni proved to be the only place where Santa Claus found snow. It was probably a sign of blessing.  They say it is more pleasant to give presents than receive them. I will sincerely tell you, with my hand on my heart, this is true! It is a special sentiment when you see joy on the face of a child whom fate has been (somewhat often) forgetting to comfort. And it is difficult to forget the surprised little eyes that are wondering whether, Santa Claus has indeed come to visit them too.

The surprised parents who are asking themselves if it is reality, if their child has indeed the chance to browse through a beautiful book, a book given from the bottom of the heart. And it is a book that belongs to their child! The rush to grab the gift as quickly as possible, out of fear it could be taken away by someone, makes you sad in a way. These are sad children who experience joy only during holidays, since during the rest of days they are helping their parents, most often only the grandmother, working like grownups.

Little eyes filled with tears, insecure gestures, trembling voice – this is the way in which a child holding a present belonging only to him/her can be described.

For „Filocalia” volunteers, this was another full day, when you work at the Santa Claus academy, a day when you become an elf who brings winter magic. And maybe the Good Lord left on purpose some angels on Earth to take care of those less fortunate than us and sadder than us, so that we can share our smile and give it to those who have too few reasons to smile!

„Be solidary with Santa Clause” – a campaign that makes a country sound in unison.


PO Filocalia volunteer