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Project’s goal: Development of the creative spirit and professional orientation of the persons with disabilities, orphans, children from socially vulnerable families, as a method for rehabilitation and integration into the society.

On the 25th of March 2010 – 10th of April 2010, Public Association “Filocalia”, in partnership with Pretura of the Botanica sector from Chisinau, Saint Dumitru Church, Saint Nicholas Church and Shopping MallDova from Chisinau, inaugurated the exhibition “Spring from the children’s souls”. The exhibition presented various works of the children from different areas of the creation: paiting, crochet, weaving from the natural fibers, wood carving, applications, origami, and decorative design. At this exhibition were exposed painting on glass following the old Transylvanian tradition, works made from pannus following the method twist and knot, traditional crochet, Easter greetings made with beads, applications, lace, small greetings, gypsum frames, gypsum eggs and decorative wax, bookmarks, oil paintings etc. The works exposed were made by the children from the following institutions:

-   Social center “Saint Dumitru”, Chisinau;

-   Social center “The Merciful Saint Filaret”, Costesti village, Ialoveni county;

-   Communitarian center for children and young people with physical disabilities;

-   The auxiliary school for children with physical disabilities, Calarasi;

-   The boarding school No.5 for children with physical disabilities, Chisinau;

-   “Ioan Luca Caragiale” high-school, Orhei;

-   Middle school from Zguritza village, Drochia district;

-   Gymnasium from the Calaraseuca village, Ocnita District.

The majority of the participant centers and schools received a financial aid from the German Foundation „Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung”, DMG „Deutsch Moldauische Gesellschaft e.V.”, „Moldavian Christian Aid”, and International Organization for Migration.

This kind of exhibitions became traditional. This was the 5th exhibition, organized by A.O. “Filocalia”, in the Easter’s eve. Every year the number and the quality of the works have risen. The painter Gheorghe Vrabie, the author of the emblem of the Republic of Moldova and of the Moldovan leu, said at the inauguration that he is impressed about the quality and the number of the original works presented.

At the opening of the exhibition the choir of the Center for Children’s creativity “The Merciful Saint Filaret” from Costesti village, Ialoveni district, demonstrated its mastery, headed by Veronica Grigorita, performing an Easter musical.