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On February 17, we went to announce the arrival of much awaited spring to minors from prison no. 10 from Goian village with a master-class of making „martisors” – symbol of spring in Moldova.

Priest Vasile Ciobanu, the confessor of PO „Filocalia” also came with us. This time his words of advice, encouragement and consolation were directed to the boys from the prison. Father Vasilii told them about his own difficulties in life and urged them to pray, to respect discipline and to attempt to overcome life’s difficult moments by belief in God. Those interested have received religious books as gifts.

Then, came the turn of Professor Lidia Pruteanu and volunteers of PO Filocalia to teach boys about hand made „martisor”. The boys were quite skilled and talented. Even penitentiary stuff tried to make some small symbols of spring.

Some of the martisors made ​​will be donated to children in custody of an orphanage from the capital and the rest will be enjoyed by the grandmothers, mothers or sisters of the young boys .