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Villages from both banks of Nistru River are more and more attractive for locals and tourists. After a pause of 20 years, in Ustia village today was officially launched an innovative energy saving street illumination system of 14 km, renewed with the financial support of the program EU-UNDP.
Next year 10 new rural guest houses will be created, and 250 families from villages from both banks of the River will be connected through the touristic project “Let’s go to the country side!”, using innovative promotion tools.

At least 250 young people from Speia village, on the left side of Nistru River will learn traditional crafts, which will help them find a job in the future.

This were only a few of the new projects presented today by EU-UNDP program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” within a traditional meeting organized in Ustia village, Dubasari region.

The inhabitants from 2 villages – Ustia and Speia, from both sides of Nistru River came today to a traditional meeting with the purpose to give value to the national traditions, to exchange experience and to learn about the results and the new opportunities of the Confidence Building Measures program, developed by the European Union and the United Nation Development.

Present at the event, the Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola, chief of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, have mentioned that the meeting from Ustia represents an example of the way people from both sides of Nistru River can establish good relations and can improve together their lives. „The national traditions, the hospitality of people and the wonderful views around Nistru have touristic potential and this can help families from rural area to have extra-incomes. Also, the assistance of the European Union for Ustia doesn’t stop here, because there is another project, in the field of energy efficiency, which will be implemented, also in partnership with UNDP and will increase life quality for people from Ustia” – informed us the Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola.

Between discussions, jokes, dance and traditional music, the participants also had the opportunity to admire an exhibition with hand crafts made by the inhabitants of both sides of Nistru River. Also they participated to various workshops: husk weaving, making “martishors”, clay modelling and wood sculpture.

„We are happy to support both sides of Nistru River in exploring the touristic potential the long of the River.  This support offered by the EU within the “Support to Confidence Building Measures” will contribute to the development of the social infrastructure, establishment of valuable partnerships and efficient use of innovative methods for increasing the attractivness of rural locations for locals and tourists. In this way, we respond to people’s hope for a better future, for new, better job opportunities and better life conditions.”, have said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, The Coordinator Resident of the UNO and the Resident Representative of UNDP Moldova.

The program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” has the aim of increasing trust between people from both sides of Nistru River, helping them to collaborate and together to increase the level of their lives. In this sense the European Union and UNDP Moldova are offering their technical and financial support for the common activities in 5 key domains: business development, development of civil society, renovation of social infrastructure, health and environment protection.

The program is being implemented during years 2012-2015, with a total budget of 10,600,000 Euro, offered by the European Nation (9,500,000 Euro) and UNDP (1,100,000 Euro).


Contact Information: Natalia Costaş, consultant în comunicare al Programului SCBM, Tel: (+ 373) 69221141, e-mail: