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The first day of spring 2014, PO “Filocalia” along with some of its volunteers went to beneficiaries in Elderly Asylum from Soldanesti region. Initially we have received from the director of the Asylum a list of all that the 29 elderly needed and with a beautiful contributions from Moldovans from Belgium, we were able to procure the required goods and make happy the residents of the institution. We thank from all our hearts people from Belgium, who organized a nice “Martishor” Charity Fair, collecting from sales the amount of 430 euro.

Below – the impressions of a voluntary that accompanied us on this trip:

Old age is a mutilation of the body which remains a whole: having all and still missing something – Democritus said. On March 1, 2014, PO “Filocalia” volunteers have traveled to Soldanesti region to the local Asylum for elderly. We went with the intention to bring them a piece of Spring. Although it was a rainy day we managed to uplifts the old faces with a “martishor”, some warm words and presents for each of them. We had the pleasure to get  to know them, we were greeted with smiles and happy eyes, thanking us for the small celebration that we provided. From talking to them we’ve noticed that few of them don’t know how to be old, they are children in their mind, children with mature thoughts and wonderful memories, and this makes them more beautiful. We returned to the city leaving behind happy faces and being more happy thanks to this experience.”

Aurelia Crudu, volunteer of PO “Filocalia”