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Last destination of our spring campaign was the northern point of Moldova – Calaraseuca village, Ocnita region. The „martishors” made ​​by children in the artistic workshops sponsored by PO “Filocalia” brought joy to elders from Calaraseuca Asylum announcing the true warmth and beauty of spring. Taking advantage of the great sunny weather, we also visited on our way the 2 wonderful monasteries of our country: Calaraseuca and Rudi. Arrived at the Asylum, we saw the light in the eyes of the elders and we have realized that what they really needed was communication and the presence of people near. Our unexpected visit filled our good friends – the elderly with joy. When we walked into the asylum, the beneficiaries received us with opened arms and with smiling faces. We came to them with gifts and traditional „martishors” – symbols of spring. We have spent beautiful moments with people with big hearts. The hosts were very welcoming with the eyes full of gratitude. On this trip we were accompanied by an international volunteer, originally from Germany – Gerhard Mann, who brought donations from his country to Moldova to help socially-vulnerable people. He shared with us some of his impressions:“We were absolutely lucky with the weather, one of the first days with real sunshine! I liked both monasteries, I heard about Rudi but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone there just for it. About the elderly: my grandfather also spent his last years in a retirement home (he was 96!). But compared to Germany it’s quite sad to see 4 guys in a room listening to a radio all day long. I would have liked to spend more time with them; old people in general have a lot to tell. But sure, we were far away so otherwise we would have been back at 1 in the night… I also liked the families; they struggle but they try to get the best out of it.”