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Thanks to the financial support offered by Deutsch-Moldauische Gesellschaft e. V, starting with the month of March 2014 children from Theoretic Lyceum „Ion Luca Caragiale” from Cosnita village, Dubasari region are enjoying 2 new workshops: tailoring and woodworking.

Now, the 265 pupils from the village can spend their free time by learning, by socializing with their pairs and to gain some useful skills for their future. Mme Maria, who is a local teacher of tailoring for over 30 years, welcomed us in a very nice way. Her love for children and for her occupation has convinced us that she is the right person at the right place.

And the importance of implementing this project was shown in the letter of recognition that we have received from Mme. Maria.

Thank You Letter

We convey our heartfelt gratitude to all the staff of A.O. “Filocalia” and especially to the president of the organization Mrs. Larisa Ciobanu for the support, and help given for the betterment of conditions at the “Ion Creanga” theoretic lyceum s.Coşniţa, r.Dubăsari. A special thanks for the very good material support that helped create a series of beautiful artworks, by our very own hands that I am sure will serve as inspiration and maybe even trajectory for a future profession for some of our children.

Thanks to your support, as of the 12th of March, 20 students are now more curios, full of initiative and desire to discover the art of sewing and working on sewing machines. This has been a godsend for many of these unprivileged children. This has been a great gift for me as the teacher in the workshop and certainly the children. I will dedicate all my physical and emotional strengths to help grow the seed of this vocation in the young souls of these children.

We thank you very much for the grand effort, and the great help you have given our institution. May God keep you safe in your endeavor to do kind things.

Good things may grow,

Life may flourish,

May the World be kinder,

And may everything around blossom.


Prof. Of the Sewing workshop

„Ion Creanga” theoretical lyceum

Mrs. Larionov Maria