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We have been friends with the children from Cosnita, Dubasari county for some time. For 3 years we have been visiting them to celebrate Christmas, Easter or Children’s International Day. While spending time with them, we noticed that some children have difficulties reading. So we decided to organize for them a special program to develop love for books.

On Wednesday, March 26, we, a team of 7 volunteers A.O „Filocalia”, went to Theoretical Lyceum „Ion Creanga” from Cosnita. Together with 14 children we learned the letters and reading by means of games. As a start we made a presentation game. The children told us their names and a few things about themselves including things they like to do. N order to assess their reading, writing and knowledge of letters levels; we offered them to write on a piece of paper all the letters they knew. Some wrote many letters while other only a few. We followed with a game which was much enjoyed by both the children and the volunteers – the children, working in pairs, had to choose a paper with a written letter and then had to represent it without speaking. It was the funniest part, which generate a lot of enthusiasm and interest for the project among the children.

We also organized other games with the children, where they had to form words using letters, They also solved a rebus with the help of volunteers. At the end, each child was given a topic as homework and a poster with the alphabet. Of course, the sweets did not miss at our meeting. Next week we will visit them again, bringing with us this time books with fairy tales.