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We are pleased to announce that on April 11, 2013, A.O. Filocalia will launch the IV edition of the traditional Festival „Spring from children’s’ soul”. Starting this year, it will have a different name – Festive Marathon „Spring from children’s’ soul”.
The change is due to the fact that we would like to bring the spring to the souls of more children and make it stay there for as long as possible. During the period of April 10 – June 1, we intend to bring a lot of joy to our little beneficiaries, in the form of master classes, celebrations, excursions and visits to the theater.
The children from the Resource Center of Theoretical Lyceum from Costesti village, Ialoveni county, will be the ones to start the marathon, taking part in a Easter master class on April 11. Also on April 11, the children’s’ works, from the art workshops run by the Association, will be exhibited in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at the Basarabia Festival. The local people from Cluj will be able to admire the children’s small art masterpieces till April 13.
The next stop in our marathon will be the Easter Fair – the fair of Easter gifts held at Moldexpo, Chisinau. By buying Easter gifts at our fair, you can offer your loved ones some original presents handmade with a lot of diligence by the children, who in their turn will enjoy the fact that their creations will have been appreciated together with the money they will receive as a reward for their hard work. You can find us at our booth at Moldexpo from April 16 to April 19. The younger visitors will be able to take part in 4 master classes – one to be held once every day for the duration of the Fair. Besides having the opportunity to learn how to make Easter decorations, greeting cards or gift bags, the visitors will be also able to enjoy a choral recital of Easter songs on April 18, to be performed by the children church choir „Angels” of Costesti village, Ialoveni county. Their older colleagues, the choir „Anastasyos”, will participate on April 23 at the District Easter Festival in the Ialoveni town.
Another exhibition where children’s works can be admired and purchased will be the Exhibition of Handmade works – made by the children and young people with disabilities inside the „Government House”. The Exhibition will be organized by the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities (AOPD), in partnership with The Government of Republic of Moldova, on April 7, 2014.
We are convinced that the excursions planned during the Marathon will also bring a lot of sun to the souls of our beneficiaries. On April 22, the first 45 children from the Social Center „St, Filaret the Merciful”, will go to Hoginesti, to visit the national craftsman Vasile Goncear, to learn the secrets of ceramics crafts. Other 30 of their colleagues from the Center, as well as 45 children from Speia village, Grigoriopol county, will enjoy the same exciting experience on May 1. Frumoasa Monastary will be the touristic destination that will be explored by the rest 45 children from the Center „St. Filaret the Merciful”.
We will say goodbye to the month of April in a very special way – we will go to Speia village on April 30, Grigoriopol county, where the children from the 3 workshops recently opened, will be waiting as their guests the representatives from EU and UNDP, thanks to whom the project „Trust through Education” was implemented.
After so many trips across the country, on May 4 and 6, it will be Chisinau’s turn to hear children’s’ giggles. The first 25 children from primary classes from Cosnita village, Dubasari county, will watch a puppet show at the theater. Other 35 children from the Special Boarding School for deaf children from Hirbovat village, Calarasi county, will visit the Zoo.
During our Marathon in May, we plan to also reach the children from Cotuijenii Mari, Soldanesti county and those from Chisinau, and bring them our master classes and presents.
May 22 has become already a special date for Filocalia family, since it is the date of the Hram – the day of Costesti village’s, Ialoveni county, Church Saint – St. Nicolae. On that day people from the village come to church not just for the divine service, but also to admire the works of the children from „St. Filaret the Merciful” Center.
And because we want to bring the spring to the souls of all children, on April 17, we will take master classes and presents to the detainees of Penitentiary nr. 13 from Chisinau, while those from Penitentiary nr. 10 Goian, will come to Chisinau in May, to enjoy a theater show.
The Festive Marathon „Spring from children’s’ soul” will be closed on June 1, with a big celebration at the lake of Costesti village, Ialoveni county. More than 150 children will celebrate childhood with games, songs, dances and master classes.
We would like to emphasize that each of us can bring spring to the souls of the children who come from unprivileged families, by getting involved in the Campaign „A destiny colored by you”, that has as its goal to offer aid packages with groceries and hygiene products to 60 families from 8 locations across the country.
We invite you to be there for the children-beneficiaries, by joining them and Filocalia this spring!